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Meredith Townsend mtownse4 at uoregon.edu
Fri Nov 23 13:23:15 MST 2018

Dear all,

I am seeking applicants for PhD and postdoctoral opportunities in
volcanology/geomechanics in the Department of Earth Sciences at University
of Oregon, to start in the fall of 2019.

Particular projects can be tailored according to applicants' interests, but
a few examples of target questions could include:


   How are crustal magma chambers assembled and what promotes their growth
   into large, long-lived reservoirs?

   How do interactions between crystals, melt, and magmatic fluids lead to
   reservoir-scale compositional and rheological heterogeneities?

   How and why does the architecture of volcanic plumbing systems evolve
   over time?

   What controls the propagation and arrest of magmatic dikes/sills, veins,
   or other fluid-filled fractures?

Projects might involve some combination of field work and modeling. Field
work likely would consist of mapping and sample collection at ancient
volcanoes where the plumbing system (dikes/plugs, plutons) is exposed.
Modeling work might include developing and applying thermal, mechanical,
and/or fluid dynamical models to better understand magmatic and volcanic
processes and to explain observations made in the field. Other methods also
may become important, for example microstructural or petrologic analysis of
samples collected in the field.

*PhD applicants:*

The deadline to apply for the PhD program is December 21, 2018. Application
instructions can be found at:

*Postdoc applicants:*

The postdoc position is for approximately 12 months, and postdocs will be
engaged with writing proposals to extend funding. To apply, please submit
the following directly to me at mtownse4 at uoregon.edu:

CV, contact info for 3 references, and a 1-2 page informal research
proposal explaining one or two project ideas to be completed together at UO

For more information, please contact Meredith Townsend: mtownse4 at uoregon.edu


Meredith https://earthsciences.uoregon.edu/profile/mtownse4/
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