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See below for an ad for the deputy director position at the UW Climate
Impacts Group. This job would include research but also a significant
amount of program management and fundraising.

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The Climate Impacts Group <http://cig.uw.edu> is seeking a full-time Deputy
Director to support and advance our innovations in connecting science and
practice to increase climate resilience.

The Deputy Director will play a leading role in and have oversight
responsibilities for the Climate Impacts Group’s climate research and
stakeholder engagement efforts, including internal operations (research
coordination, fiscal planning and oversight, project management, employee
supervision and strategic planning) and externally-facing activities
(building and maintaining external relationships with diverse stakeholders
and collaborators, grant-writing and public and private fund-raising,
public speaking). The Deputy Director will lead and participate in applied
interdisciplinary climate impacts and adaptation research.

We are looking for candidates with a strong background in applied
(‘actionable’) climate impacts and adaptation research and experience in
successfully linking science to decision making. We are especially
interested in candidates with experience in diverse work environments and
organizations *(*e.g., academia, government, non-governmental
organizations, private sector).


Learn more about this position and apply today!
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