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Job Description and Qualifications

Air Products and Chemicals, Inc., a Fortune 500 manufacturer of industrial
gases, has an immediate opening for a Climate Change Program Manager. 

Position Summary:  
The position is responsible for defining and executing our Greenhouse Gas
(GHG) compliance strategy for North America. The GHG Program Manager is
responsible for defining the impact to Air Products and its customers of the
ongoing proposed changes to GHG regulation in the USA and Canada and
ensuring systems and work processes are defined in advance of any regulation
or change in regulation to ensure full compliance. The Greenhouse Gas
program manager is also accountable to ensure that our work processes are
tested and validated to ensure accurate and timely compliance and where
necessary more robust work processes are proactively developed and
implemented. The GHG program manager is accountable to ensure all work
process are properly documented with adequate change management controls in
place. The GHG Program Manager is responsible for our strategy of engaging
with government entities during the proposal and comment phase of new GHG
regulations. This will be done in partnership with our Government Relations
office and the Business Leaders.
This position will be accountable to work closely with the business
operations managers, Procurement, Environmental Manager as well as the
Industrial Gases (IG) Americas EHS director to ensure that cost effective
solutions and work processes are in place to maintain Air products position
in the marketplace.

Principal Accountabilities:  

.        Ensure compliance to country and state GHG environmental laws and

.        Lead development of tools, training, programs, and resources, to
ensure compliance and protection of the environment.

.        Develop and implement GHG strategies needed to protect and grow
business portfolios.

.        Partner with client and stakeholder organizations to implement the
most cost effective and business friendly solution to GHG related issues.
Key stakeholders often include Commercial Managers, Law, Government
Relations, Engineering, Operations, Executive Leadership, and governmental

.        Provide an issue management structure and process in the region,
identifying and assessing the impact of emerging environmental GHG
regulation to Air Products operations by country and state/province.

.        Develop the GHG reporting compliance expertise of our environmental
staff, through assignments, coaching and training, to insure current and
future bench strength in this critical skill area for the HyCO business.

.        Develop the functional competency of the environmental staff to
adequately understand GHG regulation and the needed implementation
requirements. Address the ongoing GHG compliance reporting, support needs of
our businesses.

.        Lead corporate interactions with governmental agencies and industry
associations that plan and manage common GHG interests and develop cost
effective solutions to industry issues.

.        Ensure robust work process are in place for the purchase of
credits, allocation of credits and receiving of credits and the strategy and
system to manage these instruments.

Qualifications and Competencies:

.        Broad and extensive GHG compliance reporting, managing credits and
allocations, experience in multiple U.S. states especially California, and
preferably in Canada at the Federal and province level.

.        Work experience in a large, multi-cultural, corporate setting.

.        5+ years' experience in a GHG compliance and regulatory engagement
role. Understanding of the design and operation of large-scale chemical
processes, particularly combustion (i.e. cogeneration). Specific expertise
including industrial hydrogen production processes, as well as their
underlying process chemistry is a plus.  Be particularly familiar with the
sources of, and design/operating aspects that influence, emissions of GHG.

.        Understanding of the typical process monitoring methods and
equipment (their capabilities and their limitations) required to satisfy GHG
emission reporting requirements. 

.        Understanding alternative commercial models and the impact of
alternative regulatory strategies on those business models.

.        Ability to understand and advise on commercial contract terms as
they relate to managing current and future compliance cost recovery
resulting from GHG regulations.

.        Understanding of alternative GHG emission regulatory approaches,
around the world (i.e. carbon taxes, production allocation systems, cap &
trade, etc.), their strengths and weaknesses, and how they might apply to
Air Products businesses interests.

.        Ability to identify the underlying regulatory objectives and
develop alternative strategies that can achieve both the regulatory
objectives while protecting Air Products business interests.

.        Excellent presentation, one-on-one interpersonal and negotiations
skills.  The ability to think on your feet and apply the power of
persuasion.  The ability to sell your "better" alternative to regulators.

.        Ability to reduce complex technical and regulatory elements into
language common to regulators unfamiliar with our technology, internal
business team members, external customers, elected officials and appointed
senior bureaucrats.

.        Strong project management skills, as well as a systems and work
process orientation.

.        Strong communication and influence skills, and effective at
interfacing with stakeholders at all levels, including direct negotiation
with authorizing agencies.

.        Strong delegation skills.

.        Experience with root cause analysis, best practices and continuous

.        Engaging leadership style, promoting the involvement of employees
in a safe-to-say work environment.

.        Bachelor's degree in engineering (chemical engineering preferred)
or environmental science, or a related field of study.  An advanced degree
in engineering, environmental science and/or law is desirable. MBA is

.        Extensive experience reading and applying GHG regulations to
process industries

.        Experience representing industry to staff and senior management of
regulatory agencies, government ministries and elected officials and their
staff.  Creating, leading and contributing to industry group advocacy

We thank all applicants in advance for their interest; however, only those
applicants who are being considered for an interview, or are currently
employed by Air Products, will be contacted.

To learn more, visit  <http://www.airproducts.com/Company/about-us.aspx>
About Air Products

Air Products is an Equal Opportunity Employer (U.S.) All qualified
applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race,
color, religion, national origin, age, citizenship, gender, marital status,
pregnancy, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, disability,
or veteran status.  


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