[ES_JOBS_NET] Air Resources Engineer Vacancy at California Air Resources Board

Annalisa Schilla annalisa.schilla at gmail.com
Mon Mar 12 11:09:24 MDT 2018

The Transportation System Planning Section at the California Air Resources
Board has an opening for a motivated individual to join a team
investigating how to plan for the next generation of transportation
solutions.  As we envision a world in which zero-emission technology is
mainstream, and disruptors like transportation network companies and
connected and autonomous vehicles influence where people want to live and
how they travel, our policies will also need to evolve.  The Transportation
System Planning Section will develop integrated, holistic technical
assessments of the impacts of these potential futures across all sectors to
inform decision-makers on the role of policies to ensure California still
meets it’s important climate, air quality and equity goals.  The results
are an important aid in policy development for planning, informing public
investments, and to help identify potential synergies and tradeoffs among
various policies.

The work is highly collaborative and technical.  The selected candidate
will join a team that bridges scenario analysis with CARB’s mobile source,
energy, transportation and land use, economic, and research programs.  In
addition to modeling analysis, the incumbent will also be responsible for
communicating and coordinating with ARB technical staff and management, air
districts, government agencies and stakeholders to conduct scenario-based
analyses.  The candidate should be comfortable preparing high-profile
reports, presentations, and policy briefs that require a high-level blend
of technical and policy content to inform policy development decisions that
shape the future of California’s energy and transportation policies.

Additional information about the position, and details on how to apply, can
be found here:

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