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Four PhD positions on ERC Advanced Grant-funded GLOBALGOALS project

Four PhD candidates will become part of the new, cutting-edge international
research programme  <https://www.uu.nl/globalgoals> GLOBALGOALS. This
research programme is directed by Professor
<https://www.uu.nl/staff/FHBBiermann/0> Frank Biermann and funded through an
Advanced Grant from the European Research Council. The project aims to
analyse steering effects of the Sustainable Development Goals.

The ambition expressed in UN Sustainable Development Goals is unprecedented.
The world,  <https://www.uu.nl/en/research/sustainability> including Utrecht
University, is increasingly aligning itself to these Global Goals. But can
such goal-setting help resolve the pressing challenges of economic
development, poverty eradication, social justice and global environmental

This new 2.5 million euro project funded by an ERC Advanced Grant has been
designed to critically address this question and break new ground in
sustainability and global governance theories.


The four PhD candidates will play a critical role in GLOBALGOALS. We are
looking for a candidate for each of the following areas:

.         Quantitative methods and approaches in political
science/international relations, especially in social network analysis

.         Discourse analysis, especially with a focus on international

.         Theory of international relations and world politics

.         Analysis of the political systems of non-European countries

If you are excited about being part of a research programme that deploys a
unique set of cutting-edge methodologies to assess and explain the steering
effects of the Sustainable Development Goals, we would love to hear from
0Sustainability%20Governance%20%281%2E0%20FTE%29#top> Click here for the

Application deadline: 1 September 2018


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