[ES_JOBS_NET] Adding 15+ new positions in the Atmospheric Sciences and Global Change Division at PNNL

Ben Kravitz ben.kravitz.work at gmail.com
Thu Jul 19 08:33:14 MDT 2018


My team at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) is searching for 15+ researchers at all career stages from postdoctoral level to senior scientists to build, lead, and contribute to projects spanning the atmospheric, climate, and Earth system sciences.  If you want to work alongside 150 awesome atmospheric, climate, and energy scientists, as well as have the opportunity to collaborate with 1500 PhDs in the broader laboratory community, please take a look (and tell your friends).  I can tell you from personal experience that this is a fantastic place to be a part of interdisciplinary teams, get access to cutting-edge tools, and enjoy strong mentorship from other scientists.  I'm happy to answer any questions you may have.


Ben Kravitz
ben.kravitz at pnnl.gov

Research Assistant Jobs

 *   Post Doc; Measurements of Ice Nucleation & Aerosol Chemistry Associated w/ Agricultural Soils (https://pnnl.jibeapply.com/jobs/308091)
 *   Post Doc; Analysis of Measurements of SOA Formed in Particles & Clouds (https://pnnl.jibeapply.com/jobs/308079)
 *   Post Doc; Modelling Atmospheric Ice-Nucleating Particle Sources & Concentrations (https://pnnl.jibeapply.com/jobs/308090)
 *   Post Doc; Cloud Retrieval Development (https://pnnl.jibeapply.com/jobs/308041)
 *   Post Doc; Convection and its Large-Scale Environment (https://pnnl.jibeapply.com/jobs/308060)
 *   Post Doc; Modeling Aqueous & Cloud Chemistry of Organic Aerosols (https://pnnl.jibeapply.com/jobs/308080)
 *   Post Doc; Integrated Terrestrial Surface/Subsurface Modeling (https://pnnl.jibeapply.com/jobs/307961)

Early Career Level Jobs

 *   Energy, Environment, Economy Scientist (https://pnnl.jibeapply.com/jobs/308034)
 *   Energy, Environment, Economy Scientist (https://pnnl.jibeapply.com/jobs/308032)

Mid-Career Level Jobs

 *   Energy, Environment, Economy Scientist (https://pnnl.jibeapply.com/jobs/308033)
 *   Energy, Environment, Economy Scientist (https://pnnl.jibeapply.com/jobs/308035)
 *   Earth Scientist; Coupled High Latitude System (https://pnnl.jibeapply.com/jobs/308087)
 *   Earth Scientist; Coupled Earth System (https://pnnl.jibeapply.com/jobs/308066)
 *   Software Science Engineer (https://pnnl.jibeapply.com/jobs/308094)
 *   Research Scientist; Data Analyst (https://pnnl.jibeapply.com/jobs/308075)

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