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Would be great if this job could be included in your job list.



PhD position in global ecology, land use, carbon storage, at Lund University (Sweden)

We are seeking a motivated PhD candidate to work on land use impacts on land carbon storage. The position is fully funded for 4-years with extension to compensate for eventual teaching. In the Swedish system PhD students are employed by the Swedish government, meaning competitive salary from the start, pension, payed vacation (5-7 weeks + holidays), payed parental leave (480 days), free health care and schools etc.
This position offers much flexibility, in terms of working location and the direction of the research. There are five supervisors in total from Lund and Stockholm University, covering expertise ranging from field sampling to global analysis, and tools from remote sensing, mapping to dynamic ecosystem modelling, including; Anders Ahlström (LU), Daniel Metcalfe (LU), Gustaf Hugelius (SU), Torbern Tagesson (LU) and Stefan Olin (LU). Email anders.ahlstrom at nateko.lu.se<mailto:anders.ahlstrom at nateko.lu.se> for questions.
Full add can be found at: https://lu.mynetworkglobal.com/en/what:job/jobID:218134/

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