[ES_JOBS_NET] 3 Physical Oceanography Postdocs at APL-UW: Submesoscale processes, Internal Waves and Turbulence

RC Lien rcl at uw.edu
Thu Jan 11 14:43:08 MST 2018

*Physical Oceanography Postdoc Opportunities in Submesoscale, Internal 
Waves, and Turbulence at Applied Physics Lab, University of Washington*

Three postdoctoral researcher opportunities to participate in analysis 
and interpretation of turbulence, internal wave and submesoscale data 
sets are available at Applied Physics Lab, University of Washington.  At 
least two years of funding is available for each of these three positions.

(1)    The first project is examining horizontal restratification of the 
surface mixed-layer.  Data were collected at 3 sites in the North 
Pacific Subtropical Front during March 2017 using O(1 km) arrays of 
chi-augmented EM-APEX profiling floats collecting repeated profiles of 
temperature, salinity, horizontal velocity and temperature 
microstructure, larger-scale repeated shipboard towyo and ADCP surveys 
and an air-sea flux buoy.  Each site was continuously sampled for 
roughly one week.  Results of this project will ultimately improve 
modeling of air-sea fluxes in coupled climate models. Scientists include 
James Girton (girton at apl.washington.edu), John Mickett (mickett at uw.edu), 
Eric Kunze (kunze at nwra.com) and Tom Farrar (jfarrar at whoi.edu).

(2)    The second project will examine the horizontal wavenumber 
spectrum of water-mass tracers on isopycnals and conduct submesoscale 
shipboard CTD chain and ADCP surveys to determine controlling dynamics 
during July 2018.  These measurements will also be used to test a recent 
spectral model for anisotropic stratified turbulence.  Participating 
scientists include Ren-Chieh Lien (lien at apl.washington.edu or 
rcl at uw.edu) and Eric Kunze (kunze at nwra.com).

(3)    The third project is examining storm-forced inertial waves and 
turbulent mixing in forcing regions in western North Pacific collected 
by EM-APEX floats. Measurements were taken during the 2016 and 2017 fall 
and winter storm seasons. These measurements are aimed at quantifying 
the dissipation of near-inertial waves at the near-field.  Participating 
scientists include Ren-Chieh Lien (lien at apl.washington.edu or 
rcl at uw.edu) and Eric Kunze (kunze at nwra.com).

*Interested qualified candidates are encouraged to contact any of the 
relevant scientists with questions, CV’s, published and submitted 
articles, and references. *

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