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The Nature Conservancy is hiring a lead scientist for Global Water,
preferred location Arlington, VA (negotiable).

Details: https://careers.nature.org/psp/tnccareers/


The Lead Scientist, Global Water develops and monitors the implementation
of a vision for applied Freshwater Science that is aligned with TNC’s
Shared Conservation Agenda Framework.  They collaborate with the science
community at large to enhance the freshwater conservation practices of TNC
and others and continue to strengthen TNC’s status as a global leader in
Freshwater Conservation Science.  They guide development and dissemination
of scientific methods, tools and guidelines for freshwater strategies,
conduct original research and publish findings to add to the body of
Freshwater Science knowledge and support of TNC organizational goals. S/he
will drive efforts to establish TNC as a global leader in freshwater
science as a foundation to addressing the world’s most pressing water
resource challenges.

The Lead Scientist, Global Water will report to the Managing Director of
Global Water, and will be an active collaborator with the Science Cabinet
in the Office of the Chief Scientist – a collaborative group that brings
top level thought leadership to the organization’s strategy leaders,
establishes and advances critical science issues with the external academic
and practitioner communities, and takes on joint research to address
pressing trans-disciplinary issues in conservation.


   - Fosters innovation and risk taking to strengthen the use of freshwater
   science within the organization.
   - Leads project teams and/or staff and provide technical input in
   support of a major economics research initiatives or projects.
   - Communicates findings and best practices in high-level international
   forums and peer reviewed publications, and cultivates an external presence
   in coordination with TNC Science Communications team as an expert and
   leader in relevant disciplines.
   - Provides critical, evidence-based thought leadership, advising on and
   influencing the creation and execution of major strategies for priority
   global programs.
   - Leads efforts to translate findings and best available science into
   regionally or sectorally appropriate guidelines, tools, and/or best
   practice for the organization, the broader conservation community, and
   other key actors and sectors
   - Enlists academic freshwater experts in research on challenges of
   interest to the organization
   - Places special emphasis on research and synthesis that advances the
   evidence base for understanding the effectiveness of freshwater
   conservation strategies in improving biodiversity and human well-being.
   - Identifies, cultivates and solicits major donors and grant
   opportunities in support of program activities.

   - Travels 50% or more in both the US and internationally.

   - May work in variable weather conditions at remote locations, hazardous
   terrain and/or under physically demanding circumstances.
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