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Title: University of Manchester Presidential Fellowships 


The University of Manchester is inviting the brightest academic talent to
apply for The University of Manchester Presidential Fellowships.  We're
interested in early-career academics who can deliver world-leading research
and teaching, and become the inspiring leaders of the future.

Applicants should have a high academic standing, a growing reputation in
research, and the specialist knowledge needed to develop exemplary research
programmes and methodologies.

We recognise that as an early-career academic, it can be challenging to get
the dedicated time and resource to gain research independence. We seek to
bridge this gap by providing awards for outstanding researchers - the
brightest future leaders.

We will also provide a vibrant and inspiring environment for you to pursue
your research and teaching career. Successful candidates will benefit from
the innovation and collaboration that Manchester's success has been built
on. What's more, our resources and mentorship will enhance your
competitiveness for external awards.

Several cross disciplinary areas have been specifically identified but
applications that fit any of the startegic areas in the faculty are welcome.

Please see the website for more details:

The closing date for applications is Tuesday, 3 April.


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