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PhD Research Assistantship

University of Missouri

Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering

Costello Group - Sustainable Engineering, Food-Energy-Water Nexus

costelloc at missouri.edu

I’m currently looking for students who are interested in sustainable
engineering, life cycle assessment, and conducting analysis in support of
decision-making & design that will reduce impacts to earth systems. My
research focus areas at this time are agricultural and food systems,
nutrient cycling, life cycle assessment methods, and modeling impacts of
future climate on hydrological and agricultural systems.

*Research Topics Currently Funded*: A USDA-funded project that utilizes
environmentally-extended input-output life cycle assessment, multi-regional
input-output LCA, nutrient accounting tools, and systems analysis to
explore the relationship between nutrient cycling and food products.

Funding is also available to assist with research into the manufacturing
stages of food production and applying linear optimization methods to
evaluate local food systems including novel food production options (e.g.,
urban farming, vertical farming, permaculture).

*Requirements*: Candidates should have a B.S. and/or M.S. in an engineering
discipline. Degrees in non-engineering programs will also be considered on
a case-by-case basis, though due to the quantitative nature of the research
and graduate course work required in engineering, students should describe
how they plan to be successful in their personal statement. Direct
admittance to the Ph.D. program without M.S. will be considered for
exceptional students.

*Department requirements*:

*Apply*! https://gradstudies.missouri.edu/admissions/apply/

Final deadline for Fall 2018 is March 1. We have begun reviewing
applications so please consider applying early!

*Support*: A stipend of roughly $25,000/year (raises dependent upon
funding), tuition waiver, and health insurance.

U.S. citizens may be eligible for the Graduate Assistance in Areas of
National Need fellowship program and will be encouraged to apply (stipend
of $34,000 for 3 years).


Columbia is an affordable and fun college town, lots of great natural areas
close to campus. St. Louis and Kansas City are under 2 hours drive!

*Information on Costello*: Work in my group is inherently interdisciplinary
and I strive to build connections with social sciences, natural sciences,
public policy and other disciplines in engineering. My degrees (B.S., M.S.
and Ph.D.) are in Civil and Environmental Engineering, I completed
post-doctoral research training in an ecology department and four years as
research faculty in a bioengineering department. I teach two graduate level
courses: Sustainability in Engineered Systems and Life Cycle Assessment.

https://www.christinecostellophd.com/ (website in progress, but has
additional info!)

*COE & IMSE at the University of Missouri*: The College of Engineering at
the University of Missouri has recently declared Sustainability,
particularly Innovations at the Food-Energy-Water nexus and Big Data
Analytics as major research priorities. The University of Missouri is the
land grant institution for the state and has very strong research and
educational collaborative opportunities in the College of Agriculture, Food
and Natural Resources.

The Department of Industrial & Manufacturing Systems Engineering (IMSE) has
strong relationships with industry through the Center for Excellence in
Logistics & Distribution, http://celdi.org/. The faculty have expertise in
Operations Research, Optimization, Logistics, Industrial Energy Efficiency,
Big Data Analytics, and Sustainable Engineering. Students are also welcome
and encouraged to pursue coursework and committee members from other
departments on campus to tailor their education and research to meet their

Please email me with any questions or inquiries! costelloc at missouri.edu

Christine Costello, PhD
Assistant Professor
Industrial & Manufacturing Systems Engineering
College of Engineering
University of Missouri - Columbia
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