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We are advertising for two postdoc positions at the University of Arizona

One is Social/political science focus while the other is more focused on

Descriptions cn be found at these links

And a brief summary here -
1)  We seek a postdoctoral researcher interested in sustainable urban water
policies and practices at the local level. Sustainable urban water
solutions include technologies, policies, or programs that foster more
resilient and resource-efficient water supplies, wastewater treatment,
and/or stormwater management. Our project examines the implementation of
sustainable water innovations by local public agencies as well as by
networked groups of stakeholders from the public, private, and nonprofit

2)  We seek a postdoctoral researcher interested in deepened understanding
of urban hydrologic and ecosystem processes. In particular, a scholar with
interests in understanding the impacts of urban development patterns and
the implementation of low-impact development practices including green
storm water infrastructure (GSI) would build our team up in a constructive
manner. Our group seeks to understand GSI as a useful tool in the
development of sustainable urban water solutions for arid and semi-arid
cities. The proposed modelling work will focus on understanding how urban
form and GSI intersect to determine hydrologic response, biogeochemical
processing, water quality and vegetation canopy processes. This modelling
will be conducted in the context of a large inter-disciplinary team and the
investigation of ecosystem services and how they the natural systems to the
social system are key components of the proposed work.


Tom Meixner

Hydrology and Atmospheric Sciences
University of Arizona
Mail to:  Room 122 JW Harshbarger Bldg. #11
Physical Office: Room 202 JWH
Tucson, AZ 85721
Phone 520.626.1532 <(520)%20626-1532>
Fax 520.621.1422 <(520)%20621-1422>
tmeixner at hwr.arizona.edu


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