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Jack Scheff jscheff at uncc.edu
Sun Dec 23 17:38:24 MST 2018

Dear students and colleagues,

The Hydroclimate Lab https://pages.uncc.edu/hcl/ in the Geography & Earth
Sciences Department https://geoearth.uncc.edu/ at UNC Charlotte has TA
funding, possibly supplemented by tuition awards, for up to two new MS students
in climate data analysis to begin Fall 2019.  Interested applicants should
contact Dr. Jack Scheff at jscheff at uncc.edu .  Possible topics include the
effects of future, present and/or past climate change on drought and the
water cycle, on midlatitude atmospheric circulation, or on tropical

More broadly, the Department of Geography and Earth Sciences at the
University of North Carolina at Charlotte offers a Master of Science in
Earth Sciences degree with opportunities for study and research in the
areas of geology, hydrology, atmospheric science, remote sensing, spatial
analysis, and environmental science. Our program offers Earth Science
graduate students personal guidance typical of a relatively small
department, with the field, laboratory, and computing facilities and
resources that accompany a much larger unit. Within this context, you will
find a healthy combination of both field- and model-based Earth Science
research as well as applied and academic research opportunities.

Our program is currently seeking competitive candidates for several
teaching assistant positions beginning in fall 2019. Teaching assistantship
funding may be supplemented by tuition awards for exceptional candidates.

If you are interested in pursuing cutting-edge Earth Sciences research in
our multi-disciplinary program, please consult the program website at
https://geoearth.uncc.edu/masters-programs/masters-earth-sciences and
faculty research at https://geoearth.uncc.edu/people.

Review of applications will begin February 1, 2019. Apply at

Please direct general inquiries about our MS program to Dr. Sara Gagné, MS
Earth Sciences Coordinator, sgagne at uncc.edu, 1-704-687-5911, and specific
inquiries about the above Hydroclimate Lab positions to Dr. Jack Scheff,
jscheff at uncc.edu .

Many thanks,
Jacob (Jack) Scheff
Assistant Professor, Geography & Earth Sciences
UNC Charlotte
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