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Position Summary

This is a three-year postdoctoral position focused on using observations and
data assimilation to improve model simulations of high impact weather and
climate extremes. We seek a highly motivated and qualified candidate with a
PhD in Physics, Applied Mathematics, Meteorology, Oceanography, Statistics
or another relevant field. The successful candidate's post-doctoral research
will focus on creating new and innovative data assimilation algorithms for
discovering model trajectories that closely track observations in the
presence of multi-scale, non-linear and non-Gaussian uncertainties such as
those associated with observations and forecasts of clouds, precipitation,
aerosols, soil moisture, ice, or ocean colour. The ideal candidate would
have research experience with one or more data assimilation algorithms such
as 4DVar, the Ensemble Kalman Filter, the Particle Filter or the Monte Carlo
Markov Chain. Expertise in any of these areas and/or in advanced methods for
deriving the gradient of model forecasts of observations with respect to
model initial conditions and/or parameters will increase a candidate's
chances of being selected for this position. 

This position is physically located within The University of Melbourne's
School of Earth Sciences and part of a major national initiative - the ARC
Centre of Excellence for Climate Extremes (CLEX). The successful appointee
will join one of the CLEX research programs and will enjoy active national
and international collaborations with other research staff and students
affiliated with the program and Centre. Candidates seeking flexible or
part-time work arrangements are encouraged to apply.

For further details see the attached document. For instructions on how to
apply and other details go to


The successful candidate will be supervised by Prof. Craig Bishop and other
CLEX scientists.  Please distribute this email to all who might be
interested and please direct questions about the position to
craig.bishop at unimelb.edu.au <mailto:craig.bishop at unimelb.edu.au> 


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