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Megan L. Melamed megan at igacproject.org
Tue Aug 21 13:12:13 MDT 2018

The PICS Program Manager: supports the overall implementation of the PICS
strategic plan (www.pics.uvic.ca); is responsible for PICS on-campus
presence at the University of Victoria including organizing events,
maintaining a program of student and faculty engagement, participating in
local outreach and climate change solution implementation activities;
developing advanced knowledge in their subject matter domain; developing a
network of local support related to particular subject matter domains; and
engaging in climate solutions outreach related to their area(s) of

More information

Application deadline 2 November 2018

Megan L. Melamed, PhD
IGAC Executive Officer
University of Colorado/CIRES
Box 216 UCB
Boulder, CO 80309-0216 USA
Email: megan at igacproject.org
Skype: megan.melamed
Web: igacproject.org
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