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Please see details below about a recent job Opening.

The Washington State Department of Ecology Air Quality Program is hiring an Emission Inventory Environmental Specialist 3<https://www.governmentjobs.com/careers/washington/jobs/1852998/emission-inventory-specialist-environmental-specialist-3>. Please share this announcement with anyone that you think would be a good fit.


The Air Quality Program<http://www.ecy.wa.gov/programs/air/airhome.html> (AQP) is looking to fill an Emission Inventory Specialist (Environmental Specialist 3) position. The position will be located in our Headquarters Building in Lacey, WA.<http://www.ci.lacey.wa.us/>

Responsibilities of the Emission Inventory Specialist position include: participating in technical efforts to improve the emission inventories, researching scientific literature for the latest developments in emission inventory methodology associated with, among other things, ozone formation and fine particulate, assisting the regulated community with point source emissions reporting, and helping to ensure the availability of state of the art emission inventories for use by regulatory agencies for such things as complex regional air quality models which are crucial to successful air quality management.

Some of the key work activities of the Emission Inventory Specialist position include:
*         Independently plans, researches, models (e.g. EPA's MOVES), conducts and updates the emissions inventory information to meet state and federal needs. This includes data gathering and recording, selection of appropriate emissions calculations, coordination with other air agencies, and data quality assurance.
*         Provides modeling and data analysis in support of State Implementation Plans, permits, and special air quality studies.
*         Provides technical assistance to the regulated community, Air Quality Program staff, government agencies, and consultants on emission inventory regulatory requirements, estimation methodologies, and point source reporting, and works with these entities to enhance Ecology's emissions inventory efforts.
*         Works with program management, other emissions inventory staff, and program and agency computer programmers to ensure that databases designed for facility information are consistent with inventory requirements and meet the needs of the user community.
*         Provides analysis of a wide variety of emissions inventory data to our Air Quality Program Leadership and staff statewide.
*         Writes and edits technical reports for use in the program's strategic planning efforts.
*         Briefs Program Leadership about emissions inventory status and presents results to stakeholders.
Salary:  $42,264.00 - $55,476.00 Annually
Job Type:  Full Time - Permanent
Closing:  10/2/2017 11:59 PM Pacific

Thank you,

Farren L. Herron-Thorpe, PhD
Modeling & Emissions Inventory Scientist
Air Quality Program, Washington Department of Ecology
P.O. Box 47600, Olympia, WA 98504-7600
Tel:  (360) 407-7658   Fax: (360) 407-7534
Email:  farren.herron-thorpe at ecy.wa.gov<mailto:farren.herron-thorpe at ecy.wa.gov>
Web:  www.ecy.wa.gov/air.html<http://www.ecy.wa.gov/air.html>

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