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Summary: One Postdoctoral Researcher Position in the Department of Natural
Resources and Environmental Sciences (NRES) and National Center for
Supercomputing Applications (NCSA) at the University of Illinois at
Urbana-Champaign (UIUC), full-time, 100% (2-year duration, with
possibility of extension, contingent upon performance and funding)
The successful candidate will contribute to assimilating one or
multiple satellite observations across the spectral bands (e.g. Visible,
NIR, Solar-induced fluorescence, and Thermal infrared) into crop models
to investigate crop productivity, water uses and nutrient cycles (e.g.
nitrogen) in agroecosystems of the US Corn Belt.

Specific responsibilities include: developing and implementing data
assimilation algorithms to integrate multi-source remote sensing
observations into numerical models (e.g. land surface model);
developing/building new modules for the land surface model or crop
model; conducting regional simulations and seasonal predictions;
preparing peer-reviewed publications and education materials; and
communicating research at professional meetings.

The successful applicant will be working with Dr. Kaiyu Guan
(kaiyug at illinois.edu<mailto:kaiyug at illinois.edu>, http://faculty.nres.illinois.edu/~kaiyuguan/) and
a team with strong expertise in satellite remote sensing, ecohydrology,
Earth system modeling, and high-performance computing. The applicant
will be routinely working on Blue Waters supercomputing system
(https://bluewaters.ncsa.illinois.edu/blue-waters), the most powerful
supercomputer in the U.S. universities.

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