[ES_JOBS_NET] CERF 2017 Inclusion Lunch: Call for Participation

Sabah Ul-Hasan cnidariancubozoa at gmail.com
Tue Oct 31 15:05:56 MDT 2017


On behalf of the Coastal & Estuarine Research Foundation
<http://www.erf.org/cerf-2017-biennial-conference>, we hope this message
finds you well.

My name is Sabah Ul-Hasan and I am co-chairing this year's CERF Inclusion
Lunch <http://www.erf.org/cerf-inclusion-lunch> with Cristina Bourassa
(Cc'd). This year we have received courteous sponsorship from the Woods
Hole Oceanographic Institution such that lunch tickets are especially
affordable. Additionally, we have worked exceptionally hard to ensure
attendees of all levels and backgrounds receive quality FYI on how to
broaden participation on local and global scales.

At present, we have 178 registered for the CERF Inclusion Lunch on Nov 7th,
with the potential to host 300 in total. We are reaching out to you, as
supporters of inclusion, to please share the event information via your
social media outlets in encouraging people to attend. A strong presence and
vibrant feedback will result in the continuation of this lunch in future
CERF 2017, which is so valuable in our present day.

Please feel free to let us know of any questions you may have for either of

With much appreciation,

Sabah Ul-Hasan
UC Merced, Quantitative & Systems Biology PhD Candidate
Eternal Member of the *Homo sapiens* Society
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