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The Center for Western Weather and Water Extremes, (CW3E; cw3e.ucsd.edu
<http://cw3e.ucsd.edu/> ) is a research and applications center established
in 2013 at Scripps Institution of Oceanography by its Director, Dr. F.
Martin Ralph.  CW3E focuses on the physical understanding, observations,
weather predictions, seasonal outlooks and climate projections of extreme
weather and water events to support effective policies and practices to
improve resilience in the Western U.S.  CW3E is hiring a West-WRF (a
regional version of the Weather Research Forecast Model) Manager. The
responsibilities of the individual will include providing leadership to and
coordinating the efforts of a diverse group of internal CW3E and external
West-WRF researchers engaged in activities which utilize or extend West-WRF
modeling concepts and techniques. Required skills for the candidate include
experience with high performance computing, model verification and
evaluation, in-depth experience with WRF, and knowledge of physical
processes important to weather forecasting. The individual will provide
guidance of the development of West-WRF, track of West-WRF efforts and
performance, collect data from disparate sources and efforts and provide
comprehensive analysis of data and results. The candidate will be able to
work as part of an innovative Center that supports federal, state and local
agency funded projects to improve forecasts of atmospheric rivers and
extreme precipitation events through the continued development of West-WRF.


For a complete posting please use the link below.  Note that the deadline
has been extended until November 10, 2017 



For questions, please email Julie Kalansky, jkalansky at ucsd.edu
<mailto:jkalansky at ucsd.edu>  


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