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Thu Oct 26 12:12:19 MDT 2017

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From: Peter Douglas <peter.douglas at mcgill.ca>
Date: Thu, Oct 26, 2017 at 8:29 AM

I am looking to recruit an M.Sc. or Ph.D. student in the Earth and
Planetary Sciences Department at McGill University for a project focused on
using methane radiocarbon measurements to quantify fugitive emissions from
oil and gas extraction and/or emissions of methane from old permafrost
carbon pools. This position would be partially focused on developing
methods at McGill for purifying methane from mixed gas samples, and would
involve collaborations with the University of Ottawa’s Lalonde Accelerator
Mass Spectrometry Laboratory, as well as Environment and Climate Change
Canada. The project is funded through McGill’s Trottier Institute for
Science and Public Policy, and there will be opportunities to engage with
the interface between biogeochemical measurements and greenhouse gas
mitigation policy. Experience with stable isotope and/or radiocarbon
measurements, especially with gas samples, is a plus. Priority will be
given to Canadian applicants, but all are welcome to apply. If interested
send me an e-mail at peter.douglas at mcgill.ca. For more information about
the Earth and Planetary Sciences Department graduate program check here
Peter Douglas
Assistant Professor
Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences
McGill University

phone: 514-398-6772
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