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The National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA) Research Directorate is
seeking visiting scientists (more on the visiting scientist program here

Many people at a variety of career levels have participated in the Visiting
Scientist program in the past. The most common hire is a person that has
finished a Ph.D. but is in the early stages of their career (much like a
post-doc; the salary is highly competative for a person in this stage of
career development). Note that US Citizenship is required.

Two positions that might be of particular interest to this list.

One is a groundwater hydrologist...


NGA Research is seeking a physical scientist with demonstrated ability and
R&D experience in hydrology/hydrogeology.  The ideal candidate will have a
background including model based exploitation of multiple data types
including remote sensing, open source, and/or geochemical data.

As populations expand and precipitation events are altered by environmental
variability, national and regional water security becomes more tenuous.
Populations’ abilities to safeguard sustainable access to adequate
quantities of acceptable quality water for sustaining livelihoods, human
well-being, and socio-economic development is called into question.
Although water is set to become increasingly difficult to manage, the
techniques for monitoring and estimating water availability (especially
without traditional field measurements like well experiments and stream
gauge data) have not kept pace with the outsized importance of water as a
resource. To this end, the visiting scientist will identify opportunities
to leverage unclassified and classified data and design new techniques for
monitoring and understanding water security and accessibility around the
This person will likely work closely with the US Geological Survey and may
even be stationed at USGS HQ in Reston, VA for part of the term.

Apply for the hydrology position here

The other is a plant biologist...


NGA Research is seeking a biological scientist with demonstrated ability
and R&D experience in plant physiology and/or plant molecular biology. The
ideal candidate will have a background including studies of plant reactions
to physical and biological stressors.

Flora, as a relatively permanent aggregator of ecosystem contaminants, are
underutilized. As the biological toolkit expands, the opportunities to
monitor environment and ecosystem health via the flora are increasing.
Consequently, it may be possible to determine early signs of environmental
stress or relatively low levels of contaminants using techniques to
identify plant metabolite or protein production or other reactions that are
unique to particular stressors. The visiting scientist will work with NGA
Research to catalog existing and promising new techniques for matching
biological responses to stressors and identifying new opportunities for

Apply for the plant biology postion here https://www.pcrecruiter.
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