[ES_JOBS_NET] MSc student in Nutrient Biogeochemistry

Carly Buchwald cbuchwald at dal.ca
Tue Oct 10 06:09:59 MDT 2017

*MSc student in Nutrient Biogeochemistry*

We are currently looking for an MSc student to work on a collaborative
project between Dalhousie University and Fisheries and Oceans Canada. The
student will be responsible for analysis of a large nutrient dataset to
assess spatial and temporal nutrient variability patterns on the Scotian
Shelf.  The project will include data organization and quality
control, statistical analysis, and graphical presentation of variability
patterns. The student will produce a publication including interpretation
of the patterns and trends, which can be used as a basis for additional
work on nutrient dynamics in the NW Atlantic shelf system. Students
applying should have previous experience with R, parametric and
non-parametric statistics, and analysis of large oceanographic datasets.

If interested, please contact cbuchwald at dal.ca for more information.

*CAROLYN BUCHWALD* | *Assistant Professor and Canada Research Chair in
Ocean Chemistry*

Department of Oceanography | Faculty of Science

Life Sciences Centre | Room 4676 | 1355 Oxford Street | PO Box 15000 |
Halifax NS  B3H 4R2  Canada

902.494.3666 | cbuchwald at dal.ca
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