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Galarneau, Elisabeth (EC) elisabeth.galarneau at canada.ca
Thu Oct 5 08:27:08 MDT 2017

Air Quality Research Division
Environment and Climate Change Canada
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Environment and Climate Change Canada's Air Quality Research Division invites applications for the position of

Visiting Fellow (Post-Doctoral Fellow)
Beginning ASAP - One-year term, renewable for up to two additional years based on performance and funding

The successful candidate will have a doctoral degree in a physical science or engineering relevant to atmospheric science with specialized knowledge of the behaviour of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) in air.

The overall project goal is to assemble all Canadian measurement data for PAHs in air and to determine spatiotemporal trends and relationships to other pollutants.  Tasks to be completed during the post-doctoral term will be focused in an office setting and will involve the design, construction and analysis of a measurement database and the drafting of related publication(s).  Knowledge of the atmospheric science of PAHs (sources and fate processes) is obligatory.

Qualified candidates are requested to send their curriculum vitæ, including a full list of publications and conference presentations, and a one-page cover letter describing how their knowledge and experience would contribute to the tasks associated with the position, to Dr. Elisabeth Galarneau by e-mail (elisabeth.galarneau at canada.ca<mailto:elisabeth.galarneau at canada.ca>).  Responses will only be provided to candidates who meet the hiring criteria and submit the requested materials.

Successful candidates must be included in the inventory of Canada's Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council (NSERC) Visiting Fellowships in Canadian Government Laboratories Program before an offer of employment can be made.  Applications can be made through the link below.  Applications can take several weeks to process and applicants are encouraged to apply at their earliest convenience.  Inclusion in the inventory permits hiring for many post-doctoral positions in several Canadian government departments.


Environment and Climate Change Canada's Air Quality Research Division studies the chemistry and physics of the atmosphere as it pertains to a variety of atmospheric pollution problems.
Elisabeth Galarneau, Ph.D.
Research Scientist, Air Quality Research Division
Environment and Climate Change Canada / Government of Canada
elisabeth.galarneau at canada.ca<mailto:elisabeth.galarneau at canada.ca> / Telephone 416-739-4431 / Facsimile 416-739-4281
Online Profile<http://www.ec.gc.ca/scitech/default.asp?lang=En&n=F97AE834-1&xsl=scitechprofile&xml=F97AE834-A762-47A6-A2D9-9C397FD72F37&formid=051D7062-FB06-46F8-8F66-7EF93D05928F>

Chercheuse scientifique, Division de la recherche en qualité de l'air
Environnement et Changement climatique Canada / Gouvernement du Canada
elisabeth.galarneau at canada.ca<mailto:elisabeth.galarneau at canada.gc.ca> / Téléphone 416-739-4431 / Télécopieur 416-739-4281
Profil en ligne<http://www.ec.gc.ca/scitech/default.asp?lang=Fr&n=F97AE834-1&xsl=scitechprofile&xml=F97AE834-A762-47A6-A2D9-9C397FD72F37&formid=051D7062-FB06-46F8-8F66-7EF93D05928F>

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