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Erika Marín-Spiotta marinspiotta at wisc.edu
Tue Oct 3 22:26:19 MDT 2017

Date:    Tue, 3 Oct 2017 10:34:18 -0700
From:    Angee Doerr <andoerr at UCDAVIS.EDU>

My organization, Stanford University's Center for Ocean =
Solutions <http://www.centerforoceansolutions.org/>, is hiring two new =

The first position is for a Post-Doc in Arctic Modeling =
odeling-position>: "The Postdoctoral Scholar will lead the modeling of =
multiple stressors in Arctic marine systems as part of a recently funded =
Stanford Catalyst for Collaborative Solutions project. This position is =
tailored towards a Postdoctoral Scholar who is interested in engaging in =
interdisciplinary ocean-related modeling to support a collaborative =
effort at Stanford that will harness the innovations of the data =
revolution to produce better understanding of the likely impacts of =
multiple stressors on the ocean and the associated risks of abrupt state =
shifts.=E2=80=9D Full description is linked; I am also happy to forward.

The second is for our Deputy Director: =
-director-position> =E2=80=9CThe Deputy Director will identify =
opportunities, develop strategy, lead implementation, and administer =
large academic programs. Serve as expert advisor to faculty and staff =
and have a large role in program strategy development, long-range =
planning, and partnership development.=E2=80=9D Full description is =
linked; I am also happy to forward.

Please reach out with any questions! Points of contact also listed in =
the job descriptions, linked above.


Angee Doerr, PhD
Research Associate
Center for Ocean Solutions
andoerr at stanford.edu
andoerr at ucdavis.edu
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