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*Multiple PhD Fellowship Opportunities - Watershed Sciences - Utah State

*Doctoral Fellows* – Three four-year fellowships, including stipend,
tuition, and fees, are available for PhD students in any discipline within
Watershed Sciences.

*Colorado River Scholarship* – One or two four-year scholarships, including
stipend, tuition, fees, and research support, are available for a PhD
student whose focus is the application of science to the management of the
Colorado River. (https://qcnr.usu.edu/wats/colorado_river_studies/)

*Climate Adaptation Science* – For students admitted to the graduate
program, one-year fellowships are available to support participation in the
Climate Adaptation Science program, a traineeship that combines
interdisciplinary research, work-place experience, instruction, and
collaboration among scientists, land and resource managers, policy-makers,
trainees, and citizen stakeholders. (

*Where to start*: contact a faculty member with whom you would like to
study. Graduate admissions in the Department of Watershed Sciences requires
faculty sponsorship and funding (http://qcnr.usu.edu/wats/people/faculty)

Watershed Sciences is a multidisciplinary department in the Quinney College
of Natural Resources.  Our faculty conduct research in geomorphology,
hydrology, aquatic ecology, limnology, fish ecology, wetland ecology, water
quality, biogeochemistry, and paleoecology. We find collaborative
opportunities in addressing problems of management and restoration of
aquatic ecosystems. Utah State University is Utah’s land-grant university
with a student body of over 24,000 in 42 departments and 8 academic
colleges. USU is well situated for research on streams, rivers, lakes,
reservoirs, wetlands, and their catchments, which span desert to alpine
environments. The main campus is located in Logan, nestled against the Bear
River Range in scenic Cache Valley. This is a semi-rural mountain basin
with a population of 120,000 and nearby ski resorts, lakes, rivers, and
mountains providing many recreational opportunities.


Assistant Professor
Dept of Watershed Sciences
Utah State University, Logan, Utah
435-797-4479 (office)

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