[ES_JOBS_NET] Postdoctoral position at the intersection of regional climate dynamics, land use/land cover change and climate mitigation strategies

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Wed Mar 29 11:40:23 MDT 2017

Please distribute widely. Interested candidates may contact the lead 
researcher  (stefan.sobolowski at uni.no <mailto:stefan.sobolowski at uni.no>) 
or project PI (hanna.lee at uni.no <mailto:hanna.lee at uni.no>) for more 

There is a vacancy for a postdoctoral researcher position at Uni 
Research Climate at the intersection of regional climate dynamics, land 
use/land cover change and climate mitigation strategies. The position is 
for a period of 2 years under the project titled, “Hidden costs of 
implementing afforestation as a climate mitigation strategy: A 
comprehensive assessment of direct and indirect impacts (HiddenCosts)” 
funded by the Research Council of Norway and led by Dr. Hanna Lee. 
Please checkout the project webpage for more information 

About the project/work tasks
HiddenCosts will evaluate the overall costs and benefits of 
afforestation in open landscapes by analyzing the direct and indirect 
impacts of such schemes, thereby gaining overall understandings of 
climatic, ecological, and societal impacts of afforestation and the two 
alternative scenarios, continued management and natural succession. 
HiddenCosts focuses on addressing the two main questions around 
"Agriculture, Forestry and Other Land Use (AFOLU)" mitigation and 
adaptation strategies under the current climate change scenarios.
1) Is afforestation a viable climate mitigation strategy, considering 
the full "costs and benefits" from direct and indirect impacts combined?
2) How well does afforestation fit in the framework of climate 
mitigation and adaptation strategies, relative to natural succession and 

The postdoctoral researcher will be responsible for perform high 
resolution modelling coupled land-atmosphere simulations of the three 
scenarios described above. She/he will undertake an analysis of the 
regional energy, water budget responses as well as the response in 
local-regional circulation in the proposed scenarios. Additional 
investigations will concentrate on analysing and developing risk indices 
for weather and climate related hazards associated with particular land 
surface prescriptions (e.g. flooding, wildfires, landslides, windfall 
risk). There will be opportunity for extensive collaboration with an 
interdisciplinary team of biologists, ecosystem scientists and 

The full job posting is available here: 

Please note that all applications must be submitted electronically.

Dr. Hanna Lee
Bjerknes Centre for Climate Research
Senior researcher, Uni Research Climate
Adjunct professor, Department of Biology, University of Bergen
Mailing address: P.O. Box 7810, 5020 Bergen, Norway
Visiting address: Nygårdsgaten 114, 5008 Bergen, Norway
Email: Hanna.Lee at uni.no
Phone: +47 5558 9869 (office)

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