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TRACEY HOLLOWAY taholloway at wisc.edu
Sat Jun 24 10:28:53 MDT 2017

Dear Earth Science Jobs Net, 

This amazing jobs list is managed by the Earth Science Women’s Network (ESWN) and generously hosted by the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR). In addition to this free, open-to-all jobs resource, ESWN also has programs to support women and men across the gesociences - from our professional development workshops and town halls <https://eswnonline.org/eswn-events-at-agu-fall-meeting-2016/> at the annual AGU meeting, to our archive of free online resources <https://eswnonline.org/online/eswn-resources/> to help your career. 

I am writing now with an “ask” to help ensure ESWN continues to serve you and others. Please consider donating <https://www.crowdrise.com/science-a-thon/fundraiser/earth-science-womens-network-inc> and/or participating in Science-A-Thon (scienceathon.org/how). Science-A-Thon is the first major fundraiser for ESWN, and your engagement is crucial to its success. 

Science-A-Thon is day-long celebration of science on July 13, where you can share 12 photos over 12 hours of your day - your science and work, but also a little of your non-work life. We already have a super-star team <https://www.scienceathon.org/meet-our-scientists> of nearly 100 scientists from 8 countries and 25 US states — women and men, across the earth sciences and beyond! We’d love to have you join in, and help us spread the word to friends and colleagues, in any area of STEM. 

If you’re not up for sharing your day in photos — that’s okay! You can donate to make a huge difference. Just go to https://www.crowdrise.com/science-a-thon/fundraiser/earth-science-womens-network-inc

Thank you for considering support for ESWN and ES_Jobs_Net!! 

Best Regards, 

Tracey Holloway 
Professor, University of Wisconsin—Madison
President, Earth Science Women’s Network 
Chair, 2017 Science-A-Thon (scienceathon.org) 

p.s. If you want to see what a #scienceathon #dayofscience can look like, check out Dr. Laura Guertin’s summary at  storyboard:https://storify.com/guertin/scientistforaday-12-photos-in-12-hours-for-earth-s and follow @science_a_thon on Twitter

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