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Wed Jun 14 15:20:32 MDT 2017

​Good afternoon!

The Coastal Hydrogeology Group at the University of Alabama, Department of
Geological Sciences is seeking a doctoral student to work on heavy metal
transport through suspended sediment loads in the Mobile River Basin and
Mobile Bay, Alabama. Requirements for this positions include:

·        MS degree in Geology.

·        Strong sedimentology background that includes field experience,
preferably in sediment core collection.

·        Laboratory experience that includes basic filtration techniques
and sample preparation for water and sediment heavy metal characterization.

 ·        Interpreting the data generated from these analyses and preferred
(but not required) basic knowledge of Pb-210 radiogenic techniques.

The position offers tuition benefits, health insurance, and a stipend for
four years. The candidate has the opportunity to start ASAP (August 19th).The
position is partially funded by NSF with 50% TA and 50% RA.  Interested
candidates may send a resume and description of their previous experience
in the field and the lab to Dr. Natasha Dimova at ntdimova at as.ua.edu .

For more information about our research, please visit:


N. Dimova ​


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