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Please could you pass this on to students who may be interested in carrying
out a PhD in Europe on greenhouse gas measurement and/or modelling. The
list of projects available includes positions on methane isotopic
measurements at Royal Holloway University of London and the University of


*Open PhD positions in the H2020 EU ITN-ETN project MEMO2: MEthane goes
MObile: MEasurements and MOdelling*

MEMO2 is a European Training Network Project with more than 20
collaborators from 7 countries. Within the project we will identify and
evaluate methane emissions and support mitigation measures by I) developing
new and advanced mobile methane measurements tools and networks, II)
isotopic source identification, and III) modelling at different scales. MEMO
2 will bridge the gap between large-scale scientific estimates from in situ
monitoring programs and the ‘bottom-up’ estimates of emissions from local
sources that are used in the national reporting.

The project aims to educate a new generation of “cross–thinking”
scientists, which are able to effectively implement novel measurement and
modelling tools in an interdisciplinary and intersectoral context.

For more information about the projects and the application procedure,
please visit the project website: https://memo2.sites.uu.nl

*Within MEMO2, we are offering the following PhD positions:*


Monitoring the CH4 emissions from different source in Germany (University
of Heidelberg, Dr. M. Schmidt)

*The Netherlands:*

Quantifying CH4 emissions using measurements on cars and UAVs in the
Netherlands (University of Groningen, Dr. H. Chen and Prof. W. Peters)

Isotopic characterization of CH4 source categories across Europe (Utrecht
University, Prof. T. Röckmann)


Validating CH4 inventories over intense mining area, natural and
anthropogenic emissions ((AGH University of Science and Technology, Dr. J.


Inverse modelling of CH4 and its isotopic composition at European and point
source scales (Empa, Dr. D. Brunner)

*United Kingdom:*

CH4 from waste: constraints on captured and fugitive emissions from
isotopic analysis (Royal Holloway University of London, Dr. D. Lowry, Dr.
R. Fisher, Prof. E. Nisbet)

The isotopic signature of urban CH4 emissions (Royal Holloway University of
London, Dr. D. Lowry, Dr. R. Fisher, Prof. E. Nisbet)

Kind regards from the MEMO2 consortium

Dr Rebecca Fisher
Isotope Geochemistry Research Officer
Greenhouse Gas Laboratory
Department of Earth Sciences
Royal Holloway University of London
TW20 0EX
United Kingdom
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