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Project Scientist III


    *Project Scientist III*

    This is a full-time position. This position will be posted until 4
    pm on July 14, 2017 or until a sufficient number of applications
    have been received.  Thereafter, applications will be reviewed on an
    as-needed basis.

    UCAR Community Programs (UCP) – Constellation Observing System for
    Meteorology, Ionosphere, and Climate (COSMIC)

    Relocation assistance is available for this position.

    U.S. Citizenship, Permanent Residency, or other protected status
    under 8 U.S.C. 1324b(a)(3) is required for this position. UCAR/NCAR
    will not sponsor a work visa (e.g., J-1, H1-B, etc.) for this position.

    *Where You Will Work*

    The programs under the UCAR Community Programs (UCP) umbrella offer
    a suite of innovative resources, tools, and services for the
    atmospheric and Earth science community. UCP is part of the
    University Corporation for Atmospheric Research (UCAR) located in
    Boulder, Colorado. UCP (previously known as the UCAR Office of
    Programs) was created in 1992 to manage a number of unique programs
    requested by the UCAR community.

    The mission of the COSMIC Program is to develop innovative
    observational techniques that use signals from Global Navigation
    Satellite Systems (GNSS), and to support the application of these
    techniques in research and operations for the broader Earth Science


    *What You Will Do*

    Lead Global Navigation Satellite System-Reflectometry (GNSS-R)
    efforts within the UCAR COSMIC Program. Work may include, but is not
    limited to: GNSS-R antenna and receiver design; signal tracking
    algorithm development; observational modeling and simulation;
    retrieval algorithm development for atmospheric, land, sea, and ice
    applications; calibration of observations; and validation of
    retrieved products with independent observations.

    Develop observation retrieval methods for application of GNSS-R
    signals for monitoring the ocean, atmosphere, hydrosphere, and

    Perform scientific applications studies and provides support for new
    GNSS-R missions such as CYGNSS to demonstrate/validate new
    observation techniques. Lead the development of new remote sensing
    satellite proposals and execution of project, if awarded. Provides
    scientific and technical guidance to the COSMIC Program related to
    GNSS signal tracking and scientific application. Provide scientific
    advice and guidance to division/program management and GNSS-R data
    collaborators, including national and international labs and
    universities, for the assimilation of GNSS-R observations into
    weather prediction models and other studies. Long term objective of
    position is to establish UCAR as worldwide leader in GNSS-R community.

    Represent UCAR at science conferences and workshops in the US and
    worldwide. Write and review articles for peer-reviewed scientific
    journals. Supervise early-career GNSS-R post-doctoral scientist and
    additional employees if needed. Serve on the COSMIC Program
    Management Committee.


      * Develop new and improved space-based GNSS instrumentation and
        retrieval processing techniques.
      * Utilize satellite data from existing space based GNSS-R
        satellites (including CYGNSS) to demonstrate and validate new
        applications in the Earth sciences.
      * Provide scientific, technical, and project management and
        support for proposal development and execution of next
        generation GNSS Earth remote sensing satellite missions. Serve
        on COSMIC Management Committee.
      * Provide scientific guidance and support on GNSS-R issues to the
        COSMIC Program, GNSS-R collaborators, and data users.
      * Author, co-author and review scientific articles, reports, and
      * Present scientific results and represents UCAR at science
        conferences and workshops.
      * Supervise GNSS-R Post-Doc scientist. Train and provide guidance
        on GNSS-R efforts to other staff at UCAR and to scientific visitors.

      * Works regularly with members of the COSMIC team, members of
        NCAR, and as required with external contacts. Is expected to
        develop/maintain good and productive working relationship with
        colleagues in the GNSS/GNSS-R community, the University
        community, international collaborators, and COSMIC data users
        around the world.


    *What You Need*

      * High level of applied and theoretical physics and mathematics is
        required for the development of new instrumentation and
        retrieval algorithms.
      * Inversion techniques, statistical analysis, time series analysis
        techniques, differential equations, integration, complex
        numbers, and proficiency in numerical methods.
      * Demonstrated experience in GNSS receiver development, signal
        processing and retrieval development.
      * Demonstrated experience as Principal Investigator or
        Co-Investigator in proposal development and award execution for
        GNSS satellite remote sensing missions.
      * Demonstrated experience in giving high quality technical
        presentations and writing/reviewing technical papers.
      * Experience working in a diverse and inclusive team environment.
      * Excellent oral and written communication skills, with an
        emphasis in technical communication. E
      * Expert skill in planning and managing project goals and objectives.
      * Thorough understanding of the methods and procedures for
        conducting scientific research.
      * Demonstrated skill in GNSS technology, hardware development,
        signal processing, and retrieval algorithm development.
      * Skill in software development in FORTRAN, C, or other scientific
        data analysis software.
      * Working knowledge of UNIX, LINUX, and Windows/NT systems.


    *Education & Experience Requirement*

      * PhD in physics, geophysics, or atmospheric science, or similar
        field, and , at least 10 years of experience in fields related
        to GNSS and GNSS-R technology, or equivalent combination of
        education and experience.


    The University Corporation for Atmospheric Research (UCAR) is an
    equal opportunity/equal access/affirmative action employer that
    strives to develop and maintain a diverse workforce. UCAR is
    committed to providing equal opportunity for all employees and
    applicants for employment and does not discriminate on the basis of
    race, age, creed, color, religion, national origin or ancestry, sex,
    gender, disability, veteran status, genetic information, sexual
    orientation, gender identity or expression, or pregnancy.

    Whatever your intersection of identities, you are welcome at the
    University Corporation for Atmospheric Research (UCAR). We are
    committed to inclusivity and promoting an equitable environment that
    values and respects the uniqueness of all members of our organization.

Job Location
    Boulder, Colorado, United States
Position Type

Appointment Type
Regular, Full-Time (R1)
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