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We are seeking outstanding candidates for 3 research positions (1 research
assistant/associate professor and 2 post-docs) in the area of water
research and ecological restoration. The successful candidates will be
working as core members in Prof. Junguo Liu’s team at the Southern
University of Science and Technology of China (SUSTech). Research areas
sought include:


   -  Hydrology and water resources

   -  Water footprint and virtual water

   -  Global environmental change

   -  Water-food-energy nexus

   -  Ecosystem services and management

   -  Ecological restoration

   Applicants should meet the following criteria:

(1) A Ph.D. degree awarded in hydrology and water resources, ecology,

environmental science, remote sensing, computer science, economy or
relevant fields


   (2)  A proven track record of high-quality scientific publications

   (3)  Promising potential as an independent researcher

   (4)  Excellent communication and writing skills in English

SUSTC offers a generous salary and benefit packages, including:
(1) An annual salary of 220,000-300,000 RMB (34,600-47,200 US$) for post-

(2) An annual salary of >330,000 RMB (51,920 US$) for research assistant

(3) Excellent candidates can apply for Shenzhen house subsidy with a total
of >1.6

million RMB in 5 years;
(3) Upon completion of the position, those who have performed exceptionally

will be encouraged to apply for tenure-track faculty positions at SUSTech.

Interesting candidates please contact

Prof. Junguo Liu; Email: liujg at sustc.edu.cn

Please read below for more information about Prof. Junguo Liu and SUSTech.

Dr. Junguo Liu is a professor at the Southern University of Science and
Technology of China (SUSTech). His main research interests include
hydrology and water resources, ecosystem services and management, coupled
ecological and social systems, and water-food-energy nexus. Prof. Liu is
author of about 100 papers, including articles in Science, Nature and PNAS.
His articles have been cited for over 2000 times. He serves as an editor of
the Journal of Water and Climate Change. He is one of seven target leaders
of the Decade Program 2013-2022 of the International Association of
Hydrologic Sciences (IAHS). He is also the president of the Society for
Ecological Restoration in Beijing, and the Chair of the Union of Societies
for Ecological Restoration and Environmental Protection of Beijing. He has
research experience in China, Austria, the Netherlands, Switzerland,
Germany, the U.K., and the U.S., among others. More information about Prof.
Junguo Liu please refer to

SUSTech was founded in 2011 in the southern city of Shenzhen, the epicenter
of China’s economic miracle and ingenuity over the past 35 years. Situated
on a tranquil and picturesque campus of rolling hills and wandering creeks,
SUSTech is widely known as a pioneer for higher education reform and
innovation in China. With an outstanding faculty trained globally, SUSTech
is making great strides toward its goal of building a world-class
institution of higher education and cutting-edge research with broad
societal impacts. The successful candidates will have great opportunities
to contribute to the advancement of science in an increasingly global

SUSTech is the first university in China with all courses taught in English
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