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*Apply today! Fellowships for early-career researchers & science policy

*Gulf Research Program Early-Career Research Fellowships
“With unrestricted funds, you can *let the research lead the way* and fund
projects that are most relevant to your most recent findings.” – 2015 Early
Career Research Fellow

The early-career research fellowship supports emerging scientists as they
take risks on research ideas not yet tested, pursue unique collaborations,
and build a network of colleagues who share their interest in preventing
oil spills and in the well-being of coastal communities and ecosystems.
These two-year fellowships are awarded to tenure-track faculty (or
equivalent) at colleges, universities, and research institutions. Because
the pretenure phase of a researcher’s career is a critical time, the
unrestricted funds and mentoring this fellowship provides help recipients
navigate this period with independence, flexibility, and a built-in support

*Let your research lead the way.*

*Gulf Research Program Science Policy Fellowships
“This fellowship has far *exceeded my expectations *of the level of
engagement and interaction I have been able to have with decision-makers
across the Gulf [of Mexico].” – 2015 Science Policy Fellow

The science policy fellowship program helps early-career scientists hone
their skills by putting them to practice for the benefit of Gulf Coast
communities and ecosystems. Fellows gain first-hand policymaking experience
as they spend a year on the staff of federal or state environmental,
natural resource, oil and gas, or public health agencies in the Gulf of
Mexico region. This immersive experience is mutually beneficial for fellows
and their hosts. By delving into activities like research, evaluation,
restoration planning, stakeholder outreach, and policy development, fellows
learn what it takes to make scientific information not just useful but
useable. Meanwhile, host offices get a talented technical expert with a
fresh perspective and a new network of contacts across the Gulf of Mexico

*Exceed your expectations.*

*Apply for a Gulf Research Program fellowship by February 22, 2017 at
www.nationalacademies.org/ gulf/fellowships
<http://www.nationalacademies.org/gulf/fellowships>. *

Gulf Research Program
The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine
500 Fifth Street NW, Washington, DC 20001
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