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Greetings All,

Please note that I am currently looking for a full-time Laboratory Technician to support my growing research group. Please forward the information below to interested candidates.

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Vacancy: 015797

The technician will support world-leading research in the Biomarkers for Environmental and Climate Science (BECS) in the School of Geographical and Earth Sciences at the University of Glasgow, UK. Applicants interested in this post should have experience/familiarity using their detailed knowledge of environmental and/or organic geochemical sample processing, wet chemistry, quantification of samples using Gas Chromatography Flame Ionized Detection, identification of organic compounds using Gas Chromatography Mass Spectrometry, compound-specific isotope analysis using Gas Chromatography Isotope Ratio Mass Spectrometry and using software appropriate for organic geochemical applications.

Selected Duties and Responsibilities:

1. To manage technical aspects, use and performance of BECS facilities and be responsible for planning and organising the laboratory activities to ensure safe and efficient functioning in line with delivery objectives.

2.  In consultation with the PI, ensure safe and efficient functioning of the BECS laboratory. This includes but is not limited to overseeing access, carrying out risk and COSHH assessments, conducting safety audits, dissemination and implementation of University and the Health and Safety Executive policies, procedure and best practice. Ensuring all necessary records are stored appropriately.

3. To continually update knowledge of advancements in technology and their applications to lead the ongoing support of the BECS research group and be recognised as an expert in the specialist skills area.

 4. To act as a central point of contact for BECS Research Staff, students and external consultants providing specialist expertise and advice on developing methodology, standard operating procedures on organic geochemical sample processing and analysis, including the use of GC software (e.g. on Shimadzu, Agilent, and IsoPrime systems) and in the development, design and application of equipment or systems.

5. To keep comprehensive and accurate research records, time sheets, project details and other essential management information using data bases.

6. To provide specialist training and advice to research students and to develop techniques for a Dionex Accelerated Solvent Extractor 350 (ASE) for extracting organic compounds from environmental samples and to develop techniques for the new Agilent GC-FID, GC-MS and IsoPrime GC-IRMS instruments for quantification and identification of organic compounds from environmental samples used in BECS research projects and teaching applications.

7. To troubleshoot complex technical issues and to provide expert technical guidance to suggest, implement and evaluate improvements to standard operating protocols. Diagnose and rectify faults/problems with ASE, GC and other environmental chemistry equipment, working to a safe, professional standard.

[For a full job description and instructions for applying, please search for Vacancy No. 015797 at: http://www.gla.ac.uk/about/jobs/vacancies/]

Note: the closing date is February 19th, 2017
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