[ES_JOBS_NET] UNC Charlotte - Two funded MS or PhD positions in climate model analysis

Jack Scheff jscheff at uncc.edu
Fri Dec 22 10:40:55 MST 2017

Dear colleagues,

The Hydroclimate Lab https://clas-pages.uncc.edu/hcl/ in the Geography &
Earth Sciences Department https://geoearth.uncc.edu/ at UNC Charlotte has
funding for two new MS or PhD students in climate model data analysis to
begin Fall 2018.  Interested applicants should contact Dr. Jack Scheff at
jscheff at uncc.edu .

One position is for an NSF-funded project on the responses of large-scale
tropical precipitation, circulation and cloud patterns to greenhouse and
orbital forcing in an ensemble of idealized climate models.  The student
will use new energy-based diagnostics to understand the reasons for
systematic disagreements between the models' rainfall predictions.  Two
years of research stipend and in-state tuition are funded, and the PI will
be applying for more funding to follow.  This would be appropriate for an
MS or for (the start of) a PhD.

A second MS position has two years of stipend funded only, but is more
flexible - the student could work on the above tropical precipitation
project, or on a separate effort to understand why climate models fail to
reproduce the observed upper-tropospheric Arctic amplification of global
warming (with large potential consequences for midlatitude circulation and
weather).  This latter project will involve the parallel analysis of
satellite microwave temperature sounding data and several different kinds
of model simulations of temperature and winds over the satellite era.  Another
potential project could involve understanding why different metrics of land
wetness or dryness are projected to evolve so differently in the future,
using a range of model outputs and historical data.

Students with experience analyzing and plotting gridded datasets in Matlab,
Python, R, or any similar environment, or with the desire to learn to do
so, are particularly encouraged.

Please see https://geoearth.uncc.edu/masters-programs/masters-earth-sciences
information on our MS program, https://geoearth.uncc
.edu/phd-programs/geography for our PhD program, or https://ines.uncc.edu/ for
the Infrastructure & Environmental Systems PhD which is also an option.
Applications by February 1, 2018 are preferred, though good applications
after that date may also be considered.

Many thanks,

Jacob (Jack) Scheff
Assistant Professor, Geography & Earth Sciences
UNC Charlotte
jscheff at uncc.edu
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