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ISciences is hiring a scientific software engineer.  Please see the
attached position description and fee free to circulate to interested

With best regards,
Tom Parris


*Title: *Scientific Software Engineer

*Responsible to:* President

*Location:* Burlington, Vermont

ISciences, L.L.C. is a Michigan based limited liability corporation founded
in 1997 with offices in Ann Arbor MI, Burlington VT, and Washington, DC. We
believe in the power of evidence based analysis to understand
vulnerabilities and achieve sustainability in a rapidly changing world.
Our core strength is the ability to integrate expertise in the physical
sciences, the social sciences, and information technology to solve our
customers’ problems.

ISciences provides strategic, scientific and technical consulting services
to a variety of government, commercial and non-profit clients.  Our
contributions influence policy decisions at some of the world’s largest
companies and at the highest reaches of government.  ISciences has four
principal areas of practice: Water and Climate, Corporate Sustainability,
Remote Sensing, and Human Security.

For more information, visit http://www.isciences.com/. To apply, please
send a resume and cover letter to info at isciences.com by Friday, January 5,

*Summary of Position:*

The Scientific Software Engineer will be a member of a team that performs
quantitative sustainability and vulnerability assessments.  These analyses
focus on climatic stresses, freshwater shortages and surplus, water
quality, water demand, and political instability; cover large geographic
areas (e.g., global or continental scale); and, use data derived from
satellite remote sensing, geospatial analysis, and quantitative
environmental, social, political, economic indicators.


   1. Provide scientific software engineering and programming in support of
   wide area, geographically explicit sustainability and vulnerability
   assessments using R, Python, C++, Java, and related software platforms.
   2. Implement software in cloud computing environments such as Amazon C2S
   and Microsoft Azure.
   3. Transition research code to reliable user-friendly open-source
   projects using best practice software engineering and tool sets such as
   4. Develop, deploy and maintain web-based data delivery services using
   open source database, geospatial, and web development stacks.
   5. Write compelling documentation and analytical reports for a broad
   range of users, including government and corporate decision makers.
   6. Other duties as assigned.


   1. Master degree or equivalent experience in environmental science,
   computer science, mathematics, or related discipline.
   2. Demonstrated interest and ability to use advanced quantitative and
   computational methods to understand complex social-environmental systems
   and forecast their behavior.
   3. Demonstrated interest and ability to engineer and develop complex
   scientific software that performs state of the art geospatial and
   statistical analysis.
   4. Demonstrated interest and ability to develop and maintain open source
   software packages.
   5. Demonstrated interest and ability to engineer and develop
   sophisticated web-based delivery systems for complex time-series geospatial
   data and information.
   6. Demonstrated interest and ability to document complex software
   7. Demonstrated interest and ability to present complex scientific
   information in compelling written and oral form.

Compensation:  Competitive salaries and benefits, with flexible work

*U.S. Citizenship Required*

*ISciences is an Equal Opportunity Employer*

*Water and Climate, Corporate Sustainability, Remote Sensing, Human

Thomas M. Parris
ISciences, L.L.C.
61 Main Street, Suite 200
Burlington, VT  05401
(802) 864-2999; parris at isciences.com; skype: tm.parris
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