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Subject: Training and Outreach Coordinator Position: Arctic Data Center

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The Arctic Data Center at the National Center for Ecological Analysis =
and Synthesis (UCSB) is seeking a Training and Outreach Coordinator to =
join the team located in Santa Barbara, CA.=20

The NSF Arctic Data Center was established in 2016 to preserve, curate, =
and enable discovery of data and software from NSF=E2=80=99s Arctic =
science community in support of open, reproducible science. The Arctic =
Data Center is hosted at the National Center for Ecological Analysis and =
Synthesis (NCEAS) at the University of California Santa Barbara. In =
addition to the Arctic Data Center, NCEAS leads, operates, and/or =
collaborates on many nationally-scoped research programs, including the =
Long-Term Ecological Research Network=E2=80=99s Network Communications =
Office (NCO), Science for Nature and People Partnership (SNAPP) and =

The Training and Outreach Coordinator leads a national effort to =
coordinate training and outreach for the Arctic Data Center. Training =
activities center around techniques and approaches towards open science =
and data-driven synthesis, including topical foci on research computing, =
communication, collaboration, and other aspects of data science that =
support scientific synthesis. Outreach activities focus on increasing =
awareness of the Arctic Data Center, supporting users and soliciting =
feedback, and building a community of practice around the center.

Job Description
The Training and Outreach Coordinator has responsibility for managing a =
community engagement, training and outreach program in a manner =
consistent with the philosophy, mission, policies and procedures of the =
Arctic Data Center. They are responsible for facilitating, coordinating, =
designing, conducting, and integrating multiple training and outreach =
initiatives across the Arctic Data Center. They are also responsible for =
continued community engagement outside these initiatives through social =
media and other communication channels. This individual works closely =
with the Principal Investigators for the Arctic Data Center to =
successfully build a nationally-recognized program that meets the needs =
of the Arctic research community.

=E2=97=8F Coordinate, design, and deliver training in open science =
serving the needs of the Arctic research community;
=E2=97=8F Collaborate on and develop training content and community =
training resources to be shared openly via the Arctic Data Center web =
site and other mechanisms;
=E2=97=8F Support outreach and general program promotion for the Arctic =
Data Center;
=E2=97=8F Engage and build community of users around the Arctic Data =
=E2=97=8F Collaborate with other community programs on the development =
of cross-cutting training programs and resources;
=E2=97=8F Lead a team in the delivery of community-wide training, =
engagement and outreach activities;
=E2=97=8F Mentor graduate and undergraduate interns working on training, =
engagement and outreach projects;
=E2=97=8F Develop and conduct assessments and usability evaluations for =
tools, services and trainings;
=E2=97=8F Collaborate with other staff in research, education, =
engagement and training; and program evaluation.

Minimum Qualifications:
=E2=97=8F Experience with training and development of training curricula
=E2=97=8F Experience in data science and research computing, including =
programming in one or more research computing languages (e.g., R)
=E2=97=8F Bachelor's degree (B.S., B.A.) in science, information =
science, or related fields;.

Full details and information on how can apply can be found at: =
https://www.nceas.ucsb.edu/training-and-outreach-coordinator =

Amber E Budden, PhD
Director for Community Engagement and Outreach
University of New Mexico
1312 Basehart SE
Albuquerque NM 87106

cell: 505.205.7675
aebudden at dataone.unm.edu
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