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Subject: Postdoc in Germany: ecological/ecohydrology modeling

The Plant Ecology Group at the University of T=FCbingen is searching for =
Post-Doctoral Researcher in Ecology/Ecohydrology

The position is part of the interdisciplinary research consortium DRIeR,=20=

coordinated by the University of Freiburg, which addresses the=20
ecological and societal impacts of extreme droughts in South-West=20
Germany. The role of the Post Doc in this project will be to utilize=20
existing data and data from a recently established field drought=20
experiment to develop and parameterize an ecohydrological simulation=20
model. The model will address plant community structure and plant trait=20=

composition, incl. ecosystem service values, as a function of=20
management, drought intensity, duration, and frequency. It shall be=20
further expanded to connect to hydrological models within DRIeR with the=20=

goal of developing scenarios for vulnerability of biodiversity and=20
ecosystem services to extreme drought. In addition to the modeling, the=20=

candidate is should continue an extensive ecological field experiment=20
designed to investigate the impact of extreme droughts on European=20
grasslands and forests.
We are seeking for an independent researcher with excellent knowledge in=20=

modeling ecological and/or hydrological systems on local to regional=20
scales. In addition, the candidate should be familiar with conducting=20
and analysing ecological field experiments and s/he should be willing to=20=

work in an interdisciplinary setting. The candidate should hold a Ph.D.=20=

in ecology, geoecology, hydroecology or in a related field. Furthermore,=20=

the candidate should have excellent writing and presentation skills.=20
Knowledge of German is welcome but not essential.
The position will be paid according to the German pay scale E13 TV-L. It=20=

is scheduled for a period of three years, starting January 1st, 2018.
The University seeks to raise the number of women in research and=20
teaching and therefore urges qualified female academics to apply for=20
these positions.
Disabled candidates will be given preference over other equally=20
qualified applicants.
Please send your application including a letter of interest, CV and a=20
list of publications as a single pdf-file to Prof. Dr. Katja Tielb=F6rger=
(vegetation at bot.uni-tuebingen.de) to whom also inquiries should be=20
addressed. Please also make sure that two letters of reference will be=20=

sent to the above address independently.
The deadline for applications is October 1st, 2017, or until the=20
position is filled
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