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Subject: Postdoctoral Research Associate in Lake Water Quality Forecasting
at Virginia Tech

A new position for a postdoctoral research associate to collaborate with =
a vibrant, interdisciplinary=20
research team working in freshwater science is available in the Carey Lab=
 at Virginia Tech. This position=20
is part of a recently-funded NSF project that will develop a water qualit=
y forecasting system for a=20
drinking water supply reservoir and Global Lakes Ecological Observatory N=
etwork (GLEON) site. As part=20
of the project, we are combining high-frequency sensor monitoring, modeli=
ng, ecosystem forecasting,=20
and data-intensive analytical approaches from ecology, computer science, =
engineering, and social=20
science. This project is unique because it combines theory and applicatio=
n: we will be developing new,=20
generalized approaches to forecasting that will be directly applied to ma=
naging the drinking water=20

We are seeking a creative and quantitative Ph.D. with significant researc=
h experience in freshwater=20
science, especially the implementation of sensor networks and modeling. T=
he successful applicant will=20
collaborate with graduate students, post docs, and faculty to address fun=
damental questions=20
surrounding the effects of changing climate and management on water quali=
ty dynamics in lake and=20
reservoir catchments. Research activities will include: deploying a netwo=
rk of diverse sensors in a=20
reservoir and its catchment to feed a data-model fusion system; using hyd=
rodynamic-water quality=20
simulation models to create water quality forecasts; and collaborating wi=
th reservoir managers. The=20
successful applicant will have access to new distributed computing resour=
ces that have become=20
recently available from GLEON-PRAGMA (Pacific Rim Applications and Grid M=
iddleware Assembly)=20

The position will start in the spring semester of 2018. The specific star=
t date is flexible and could begin=20
as soon as January 2018 or as late as May 2018; review of applications wi=
ll be rolling with a deadline of=20
October 1, 2017. The position is for two years, contingent upon a success=
ful one-year review. Please=20
upload your CV, statement of interest, and contact info for three referen=
ces here:=20
https://listings.jobs.vt.edu/postings/78848, and don't hesitate to contac=
t me with any questions!

Cayelan Carey=20
Department of Biological Sciences
Virginia Tech
Blacksburg, VA=20
cayelan at vt.edu
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