[ES_JOBS_NET] position in Geochemistry at University of Brasilia

Corinne Wong ciwong at utexas.edu
Mon Aug 7 10:38:39 MDT 2017

Hi all,

A colleague of mine forwarded me the following announcement:

We have an open full academic position in Geochemistry at University of
Brasilia. In case you know anyone interested, I will be happy to answer any
questions and help with all the papers. Note that the candidate needs to go
thru a public exams in which the best candidate is selected. The exam can
be performed in English and include a 40 minutes lecture and a discussion
about the candidate research plans.


Roberto Ventura
robertoventurasantos at gmail.com

Corinne Wong

Research Associate
Environmental Science Institute
The University of Texas Austin
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c <wongcw at bc.edu>iwong at utexas.edu
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