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S&R Foundation’s Kuno Award for Applied Science for the social good is an
annual award of financial support and other resources designed to support
social innovators using scientific research and principles to address a
21st Century problem. The award is designed to support the translation of
scientific research to a practical and real-world solution. The award
supports those aiming to achieve measurable social impact.

The Kuno awardee is provided with $100,000 in funding.

Award recipients are visionaries with deep domain expertise in fields
relating to the specific 21st century challenges addressed by their project
or venture, which may become a for-profit business or non-profit
organization, part of an academic institution etc.

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Dear Christa,

I am writing to inform you that the S&R Kuno Award application is now
open.  Please visit http://sandr.org/programs/kuno-award to learn more and
apply online.


*Molly Turner*
Program Coordinator

phone 202-298-6007 <(202)%20298-6007>

S&R Foundation
1623 28th Street, NW
Washington, DC 20007

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