[ES_JOBS_NET] PhD position: Fire ecology, permafrost, and carbon cycling at the University of Alaska

Brian Buma bbuma at alaska.edu
Sun Aug 6 10:19:30 MDT 2017

*I will be at ESA 2017 if you would like to meet.*

A PhD position is available starting Summer, 2018, with Dr. Brian Buma at
the University of Alaska Fairbanks and Southeast.  This exciting
opportunity will take the student throughout Alaska, and focus on the
interaction between multiple wildfires and subsequent changes to carbon and
permafrost cycling.  The PhD position is part of a large, multi-institution
effort (UAS, UAF, Florida, Portland State) to link vegetation resilience,
permafrost changes, and carbon cycling dynamics into high spatial
resolution modeling framework to forecast the effects of climate change on
high latitude, boreal systems.

The position will entail:

Extensive fieldwork in Interior Alaska, focusing on plant regeneration
after 1-3 fires
Carbon cycle accounting
Assistance with permafrost and soil measurements
Coordination with modeling researchers
Charcoal and black carbon quantification (lab based)
GIS/remote sensing

Applicants should have a Bachelors and/or Masters degree in biology,
environmental science, chemistry, or other quantitative field.  Ideally,
applicants will also have field experience and be comfortable in remote
locations for up to two weeks at a time.  The applicant should also be
independent, self-motivated, and excited to take on a challenging project
that will help shape our understanding of climate change in boreal systems
world-wide.  The paid position will begin with fieldwork in Summer, 2018,
before progressing to graduate classes in Fall, 2018, through the School of
Natural Resources and Extension at UAF.

The position will be partially based in Fairbanks, Alaska (initially) and
then Juneau, Alaska. Both towns offer a unique, Alaskan experience.
Fairbanks is known for its research university, boreal forest setting, and
cold, clear winters; Juneau for its coastal temperate rainforests,
ecotourism, salmon, glaciers, and bears.

Please contact Dr. Brian Buma (bbuma at alaska.edu) for more information.
Include your CV and letter of introduction, and please check out the lab
website (www.brianbuma.com) for more information on other projects going on
in the lab.
Brian Buma, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Forest Ecology
University of Alaska

Ph: 907-796-6410
bbuma at alaska.edu

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