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PhD position in Earth System Science / Biogeochemistry on
biogeochemcial validation of remotely sensed plant traits

The University of Zurich (UZH) Research Priority Programme (URPP) on Global
Change and Biodiversity (GCB) is an established interdisciplinary research
program (http://www.gcb.uzh.ch). Biodiversity is both a response variable
affected by global change drivers and a factor modifying ecosystem
processes and services that are essential to human well-being. The URPP GCB
implements innovative avenues in this research domain by using a
latitudinal gradient approach based on interactions, feedback and scale, to
provide a more reliable and robust knowledge of global change processes.
The programme has more than 10 PhD positions open in 2017.
For details: http://www.gcb.uzh.ch/en/services/OpenPositions.html

We are looking for a motivated candidate, capable of biogeochemical
analysis of leaf pigments with liquid chromatography, and measuring
spectral traits of leaf and canopy using spectrometers, and relating both
parameters mathematically. We therefore invite applications for a PhD
position in Earth System Science / Biogeochemistry on biogeochemcial
validation of remotely sensed plant traits.

The aim of the project is to develop a novel approach, which will allow us
to use remotely sensed spectral information to infer leaf traits on a
watershed scale. Relationships between chemical composition of leaf
pigments and remotely sensed spectral traits are based on classical data
from more than two decades ago. Technologies have progressed, resolution of
biogeochemical analytics has increased, remote sensing detectors have
improved, but these classical data and relationships have not yet been
updated. In the proposed project, we plan to first, measure the spectral
data (e.g., hemispherical, conical) of leaf and canopy traits in the field,
second describe and identify individual leaf pigments using liquid
chromatography coupled to light detectors, and then establish relationships
between the two based on their absorption spectra.

The successful applicant will be based in Zurich and embedded in a
supervisory team including Michael Schmidt, Guido Wiesenberg and Michael
Schaepman. You will work in the Department of Geography, which hosts
several research groups working on a variety of topics assessing the key
drivers of global change and biodiversity (www.geo.uzh.ch).

To apply, all applicants must have a completed master’s degree in
biogeochemistry or a related discipline, such as physical geography,
geoecology, environmental sciences, geology, and preferably some work
experience in field and geochemical analytical methods. A driving license
is beneficial.

Please send your application (including position reference
URPP-GCB-MS-17-01) as one single PDF file (motivation letter, complete CV,
and names of 2 references) to Michael.Schmidt at geo.uzh.ch. Selection of
candidates will begin 1 April 2017. For further questions, please contact
Michael Schmidt.

Ref URPP-GCB-MS-17-01: Earth System Science / Biogeochemistry

PD Dr. rer. nat. Guido L.B. Wiesenberg
University of Zurich
Department of Geography
Soil Science and Biogeochemistry
Winterthurerstrasse 190
Ch-8057 Zürich
Tel.: +41-44-6355183 <+41%2044%20635%2051%2083>
Fax: +41-44-6356848 <+41%2044%20635%2068%2048>
Email: guido.wiesenberg at geo.uzh.ch
web: www.geo.uzh.ch
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