[ES_JOBS_NET] Physical oceanography post-doctoral position in LGEE, Grenoble, France.

Thierry Penduff thierry.penduff at univ-grenoble-alpes.fr
Fri Sep 16 03:51:26 MDT 2016

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Dear all,

A 30-month (15+15) postdoctoral position is available in Grenoble, France to work on the joint analysis of a large ensemble of ocean simulations and of oceanic observations. The main objectives are to analyze the structures and observational imprints of the forced and intrinsic ocean variabilities, to guide the climate-oriented interpretation of observations, and to improve the design of observational arrays.

The subject and the ways to apply are presented in the attached document (also here <http://lgge.osug.fr/meom/Annonces/postdoc_ATLANTOS.pdf>) 

Thanks in advance for forwarding this announcement to potentially interested postdoctoral researchers.


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