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The Florida Department of Environmental Protection, Division of Air Resource Management is currently seeking candidates for a staff position in photochemical grid modeling.  We would greatly appreciate your sharing this opportunity with any current or former graduate students or colleagues who might be a good fit.

Position Description:

*        Set-up, run, and manage photochemical grid models, ancillary programs, and associated computing system.

*        Perform regional and local photochemical grid modeling to support the development of State Implementation Plan (SIP) revisions under the Clean Air Act, inform Division policy decisions, review air permit modeling, and assist in emissions inventory development.

*        Coordinate with internal IT support personnel to maintain computing system.

*        Coordinate with local, regional, and national modeling contacts to insure data and modeling submittals are timely and accurate.

*        Stay apprised of the latest guidance, regulations, and techniques in air quality modeling.

Required Skills and Experience:

*        Knowledge or experience compiling and running photochemical grid air quality models (e.g., CAMx, CMAQ) and ancillary programs (e.g., SMOKE, GEOSCHEM).

*        Familiarity with UNIX/Linux computer operating systems.

*        Comfortable with basic computer programming, preferably FORTRAN.

*        Knowledge or experience with the setup and maintenance of high performance computing systems is preferred.

Required Education:

*        Master's or Doctorate Degree in Atmospheric Science, Meteorology, Chemical Engineering, Computer Science, or related field.

Please direct any inquiries or referrals to Brian Himes (Brian.Himes at dep.state.fl.us<mailto:Brian.Himes at dep.state.fl.us>; [850] 717-9005).

Sincerest thanks,

- Preston

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Preston McLane
Program Administrator
Division of Air Resource Management
Florida Department of Environmental Protection
2600 Blair Stone Road, MS 5500
Tallahassee, Florida 32399-2400
Office: (850) 717-9089
Preston.McLane at dep.state.fl.us<mailto:Preston.McLane at dep.state.fl.us>

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