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Dear friends and colleagues,

We are hiring! We are looking for an exceptional candidate to join the
Silver lab, at UC Berkeley's Department of Environmental Science. We are
looking for a strong, tenacious, quick learner who is a great problem
solver and a strong hole-digger. The selected candidate will work
primarily on research surrounding compost and carbon sequestration. We
are looking for someone with a chemistry background and strong technical
skills. The selected assistant will split his/her time between field
work in Marin County and lab work at UC Berkeley.
*More details:*

Title: Lab Assistant, ESPM (9603C) #21971
Where to apply: You can view and apply for this job HERE
​ [jobs.berkeley.edu <http://jobs.berkeley.edu>]​

The Lab Assistant will help set up and carry out experiments on compost
piles and soils (with supervision), and will help analyze the results
(with supervision). The assistant will work primarily on research that
aims to understand controls on greenhouse gas emissions. The impact of
his/her work will be both theoretical and practical; the research
project will contribute to a better understanding of the conditions that
affect emissions from compost and soils, and will lead to recommended
management practices for the composting of organic waste and ecosystem

The lab assistant will assist postdocs and graduate students in the set
up and maintenance of field sites that will have in situ greenhouse gas
measurements of compost piles and manual flux chambers.  He/she will
also assist in laboratory analyses on samples from these sites. Both of
these activities will be done with supervision. This work will help
ensure that the research project produces continuous, reliable data.

/Required Qualifications/
• Good technical and mechanical skills, facility in operating and
troubleshooting instruments and equipment (measurement instruments as
well as dataloggers, multiplexers, and power systems).
• Able to work long hours in the field or lab, as needed.
• Ability to lift/carry materials up to 50 lbs.
• Strong verbal communication skills.
• A valid drivers license and willingness to drive to and from field sites.
• Graduation from high school or a General Education Diploma and two
years of laboratory experience or two years of college including courses
in the natural, physical or social sciences and one year of laboratory

/Preferred Qualifications/
• Experience conducting fieldwork is desirable, both independently and
in a team.
• Experience with electrical wiring, data systems, and data analysis
(preferably in R).
• Experience with construction or agricultural work is highly desirable.

Interested candidates can contact me directly, but should formally apply
online. Please pass along to your colleagues and networks!

Sintana E. Vergara, PhD | Postdoctoral Scientist
Silver Lab| Environmental Science, UC Berkeley
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