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Subject: Graduate Assistantships in Urban Ecosystems, Soil Quality,
Ecosystem Services - University of Maryland

PhD or MS student assistantships are available to work in Mitchell
Pavao-Zuckerman=92s lab at the University of Maryland
(http://pavaozuckerman.wordpress.com) in urban ecosystem ecology.  2
projects are available:

(1) Using innovative practices to enhance soil quality for vacant lot
This is a fellowship supported by the TREE Fund to conduct field trials
comparing biochar, compost, and cover crops (forage radish) to improve so=
quality and facilitate the establishment of trees in vacant lots in
Baltimore.  Students will help conduct a literature review on urban soil
amendments, implement the field study, and examine soil properties
(physical, chemical, biological), plant performance, and ecosystem servic=
indices.  Strong experience in soil science, soil ecology, or
biogeochemistry is expected. This would ideally be for a PhD applicant, b=
MS students are welcome to apply as well =96 students would ideally start=
Summer 2017 (or January 2017 for motivated and qualified applicants).

(2) Exploring the ecosystem services of green infrastructure and urban
In this project students can explore a variety of green infrastructure ty=
(rain gardens, bioretention cells, green roofs, etc.) and explore drivers=
ecosystem service provision. Students would develop field and lab researc=
projects focusing on abiotic and biotic drivers of ecosystem function in
urban environments, with a particular emphasis on linking soil quality,
urban hydrology, and ecosystem services. There is the potential to also
address social-ecological questions related to management and
decision-making for these systems as well. Students would start in Fall 2=
(potentially summer 2017).

Applicants should have a degree in ecology, environmental science, soil
science, or closely related field (an MS degree is required for the PhD
program). Lab and/or field experience in soils, biogeochemistry, and
ecosystem ecology is required.  Experience with sensors and data loggers,=

ecosystem service assessment, GIS, statistical analysis, or remote sensin=
would be an advantage. Successful applicants will be self-motivated and a=
to work well in teams.=20

The students would be enrolled in the Department of Environmental Science=

and Technology at the University of Maryland. See program websites for mo=
information on application and program details (http://enst.umd.edu and
http://enst.umd.edu/graduate). Assistantships include a tuition waiver,
stipend, and health benefits.

To apply, please contact Dr. Pavao-Zuckerman (mpzucker at umd.edu), indicate=

which project you are interested in, and include your CV, unofficial
transcript(s) & GRE scores, and a short statement (1-2 paragraphs)
describing research interests and career goals.
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