[ES_JOBS_NET] Graduate Opportunities in Aquatic Biogeochemistry at Ohio State University

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Sun Nov 6 22:21:44 MST 2016

BIOGEOCHEMISTRY*. Research support is available starting in Fall 2017 for
graduate study in carbon and organic matter stable isotope and natural
radiocarbon biogeochemistry in the Aquatic Biogeochemistry Laboratory,
Department of Evolution, Ecology and Organismal Biology (EEOB) at Ohio
State University (https://aquaticbiogeochem.osu.edu/).  Support is
competitive and includes full stipend and tuition for up to 5 years for
Ph.D. students and 3 years for M.S. students.  We seek motivated, creative
individuals to take part in new research initiatives on 1) carbon and
organic matter cycling and the controls on carbon ages, reactivity, and
transport between land, atmosphere, rivers and the coastal ocean and 2) the
sources and ages of carbon and organic matter supporting aquatic consumers
and food webs. For additional information, please visit our web site or
contact Dr. James Bauer (bauer.362 at osu.edu).

The deadline for applications for admission and support is December 1,
2016. Application instructions and additional information are available
from the EEOB Graduate Program website (https://eeob.osu.edu/grad/gra

James Bauer
Aquatic Biogeochemistry Laboratory
Department of Evolution, Ecology and Organismal Biology
Ohio State University
318 W. 12th Avenue
Columbus, OH 43210-1293
Email: bauer.362 at osu.edu
Office phone: (614) 292-3706
OSU Radiocarbon Lab: (614) 688-4513
OSU Aquatic Biogeochemistry Lab: (614) 688-5507
Lab Group Website: https://aquaticbiogeochem.osu.edu/
EEOB Departmental Website: http://eeob.osu.edu/
OSU Environmental Sciences Graduate Program Website: http://esgp.osu.edu/
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