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Subject: Postdoc position in below ground carbon cycling at LLNL/CAMS

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I am looking for a postdoc to work with me at Lawrence Livermore National
Laboratory’s Center for Accelerator Mass Spectrometry to research
terrestrial carbon cycling, with a focus on belowground biogeochemistry
using radiocarbon and stable isotopes. The primary project is aimed at
constraining turnover times (residence/transit times) for belowground
carbon stored in tropical forests across a gradient of moisture regimes
from wetlands to seasonally dry forest. This will be done using a
combination of using ecosystem/soil carbon and radiocarbon measurements
(soil organic matter, dissolved organic carbon, roots, and CO2 and CH4
emissions) and modeling with soil, ecosystems, and land surface models (CLM
and ACME-Land Model). This project includes several research sites in
Puerto Rico, Costa Rica, Panama, and Mexico and includes collaboration with
DOE’s Next Generation Ecosystem Experiment in the Tropics.

More details on the position, requirements, qualifications, and
instructions for applying can be found here:

Interested candidates should contact me at kjmcfarlane at llnl.gov for more
information about this research project, CAMS, and LLNL.



*Karis J. McFarlane, Ph.D.Center for Accelerator Mass Spectrometry Lawrence
Livermore National Laboratory 7000 East Ave, L-397 Livermore, CA 94551-9234
925-423-6285 <925-423-6285> (tel); 925-423-7884 <925-423-7884> (fax)
https://cams.llnl.gov <https://cams.llnl.gov> mcfarlane3 at llnl.gov
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