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Forest Restoration Scientist









Arlington, Virginia, USA










Global forest restoration could provide a major contribution to climate 
mitigation. The Nature Conservancy (TNC) is expanding capacity to 
design, implement, and measure the climate benefits of forest 
restoration initiatives around the globe. We seek an advanced applied 
scientist to lead in the identification of priority forest restoration 
opportunities, the design of restoration interventions, and the 
measurement of their climate mitigation outcomes. We anticipate that the 
focus of this position will be on reforestation; however, work will also 
extend to other forms of forest restoration such as improved forest 
management practices. It is critical that TNC’s increasing engagement on 
climate smart forest restoration is informed by scientific disciplines 
including restoration ecology, carbon accounting, and conservation 
planning. Such initiatives may include release of natural forest 
regeneration and intensive site treatments necessary to re-initiate 
forest succession on degraded soils, potentially involving commercial 
plantation forestry. Such initiatives may include wetland forest systems 
but are expected to primarily involve forests on well-drained 
soils.Reforestation initiatives will include temperate, subtropical, and 
tropical climate domains.

As a member of the Global Lands team, and reporting to the Director of 
Forest Carbon Science, the Forest Restoration Scientist will synthesize 
and advance applied scientific research associated with global forest 
restoration efforts while providing technical and scientific support and 
leadership as a subject matter expert for conservation initiatives. The 
Forest Restoration Scientist will contribute topical expertise to 
cross-cutting science issues for the organization, and represent the 
organization in communications with scientific, policy, and practitioner 






The Nature Conservancy is the leading conservation organization working 
to make a positive impact around the world in more than 35 countries, 
all 50 United States, and your backyard. Founded in 1951, the mission of 
The Nature Conservancy is to conserve the lands and waters on which all 
life depends. One of our core values is our commitment to diversity. 
Therefore we are committed to a globally diverse and culturally 
competent workforce.Visit www.nature.org/aboutus to learn more.

The Global Lands team operates at the intersection of global development 
and environmental challenges. We aim to meet increasing demands for 
energy resources, water supply, food and fiber production with low 
environmental impact, and in a mindset where nature is seen as a 
critical input to these key human needs. We do this by engaging 
governments, the private sector and local communities to ensure that 
conservation is a critical outcome in economic development.

Our Global Lands team has four inter-related areas of work. The first is 
focused on transforming how development occurs on ‘working’ lands, 
broadly including croplands, pasturelands and forests. The second is 
influencing climate policy to advance the role of natural carbon storage 
in plants and soils as key component of climate mitigation policies. The 
third is advancing siting and mitigation practices where agricultural or 
energy development is occurring.The fourth is empowering communities and 
indigenous peoples to steward and restore natural resources where they 
live. In all of these areas the Global Lands team works closely with TNC 
state and country programs to advance conservation initiatives on the 

If you have a personal passion for conserving and protecting the natural 
world with a belief in The Nature Conservancy’s mission, and meet or 
exceed the qualifications for this position described below, then please 
apply to this position and learn more about the Conservancy.






The Forest Restoration Scientist will offer technical and science 
strategic leadership for the Conservancy’s Global Lands program and 
drive efforts to establish TNC as a global leader in ecologically well 
designed forest restoration interventions. S/he conducts original 
research, publishes findings and communicates to diverse audiences in 
support of TNC organizational goals. Candidates should have a core 
scientific base in restoration ecology, and additional experience in - 
and/or exposure to - related fields including carbon measurement, 
conservation planning, analysis of field and remotely-sensed data, 
upland forests, and potentially also wetland forests.







·Leads applied research on forest restoration ecology and carbon 
sequestration, particularly as related to reforestation initiatives.

·Both leads and contributes to project teams in support of major applied 
science initiatives/projects.

·Places special emphasis on research and synthesis that advances the 
evidence base for understanding effectiveness of conservation strategies 
in improving climate, biodiversity and human well-being outcomes.

·Provides advice and training for internal and external colleagues on 
restoration ecology and conservation science principles.

·Communicates findings and best practices in high-level international 
forums and peer reviewed publications, and cultivates an external 
presence in coordination with TNC Communications team as an expert and 
leader in relevant disciplines

·Provides critical, evidence-based thought leadership, advising on and 
influencing the creation and execution of major strategies for the 
Global Lands Program.

·Leads efforts to translate findings and best available science into 
regionally or sectorally-appropriate guidelines, tools, and/or best 
practice for the organization and the broader conservation community

·Enlists academic scientists in research on challenges of interest to 
the organization

·Supports fundraising efforts.

·Plans, organizes and directs project programs.

·Develops work plans and project budgets.

·Travels 30% or more globally.






·Master's Degree and 6 years related experience or equivalent 
combination of education and experience.

·Record of peer reviewed publications in scientific journals.

·Experience directing a major program of strategic importance and 
leading a multi-disciplinary team.

·Experience with building relationships.

·Experience fundraising and/or writing grants and research proposals.**







·PhD preferred and 3-5 years related experience.

·Extensive peer-reviewed publication record.

·Demonstrated expertise in application of science to a range of forest 
ecosystems (e.g. temperate, tropical, upland, wetland).

·Ability to diagnose complex problems and identify solutions.

·Excellent communication skills, written, spoken and graphical.

·Ability to operate within budget guidelines to ensure sound financial 










Effectively expresses messages verbally and in writing.Actively listens 
to others.Fosters open exchange of issues.Is timely with information.*//*

Flexibility & Innovation


Flexible to changing circumstances. Takes innovative approaches towards 
work.Takes calculated risks and makes dependable decisions in the face 
of uncertainty.

Interpersonal Savvy


Maintains positive working relationships.Contributes to productive 
partnerships inside and outside the organization.Understands team member 
roles and values the contributions of others.Effectively deals with 

Open to Learning


Versatile learner and committed to self-improvement.Employs strengths 
effectively.Willingly shares knowledge with others.Seeks coaching on 
areas needing improvement.Adjusts behavior/performance as needed.Views 
mistakes as learning opportunities.

Organizational Awareness


Understands the basics of our business.Knows how local job relates to 
the big picture & contributes to the overall strategy.Knows how/why 
things work inside TNC.Easily moves through internal networks and 
channels for success.

Produces Results


Takes Initiative.Focuses on priorities.Strives for excellence.Is 
dependable and accountable for results.Persistent in the face of 
obstacles and meets deadlines.







*HOW to APPLY***


To apply to position 44232 visit www.nature.org/careers 
<http://www.nature.org/careers>and submit resume and cover letter as one 
document.**Application deadline June 10, 2016.









/This description is not designed to be a complete list of all duties 
and responsibilities required for this job./

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