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Subject: Three postdoctoral positions

Applications are invited for three post-doctoral research associates to=20=

work with Dr. Peter Groffman on the following projects:

1) Denitrification in agricultural and forest soils.  This position is=20=

funded a cooperative agreement with the USDA and a grant from the=20
National Science Foundation and involves measurements of denitrification=20=

and associated microbial and soil variables in sites that are part of=20
the USDA Long Term Agricultural Research network and as part of an ice=20=

storm manipulation project at the Hubbard Brook Long Term Ecological=20
Research site in New Hampshire.  The work will center on measurements of=20=

denitrification using a direct-flux approach available in Groffman=92s=20=

nitrogen biogeochemistry laboratory located at the Cary Institute of=20
Ecosystem Studies in Millbrook, NY.  The postdoc, who could be based at=20=

the City University of New York  (CUNY) Advanced Science Research Center=20=

in Manhattan or at the Cary Institute, will also have the opportunity to=20=

develop independent lines of research within the context of this=20
project.  Apply at:  https://www.rfcuny.org/careers/postings?pvnID=3DRC-
2) Multi-scale coupled natural human system dynamics of nitrogen in=20
residential landscapes.  This project is funded by a new grant (pending)=20=

from the National Science Foundation that addresses how biogeochemical,=20=

hydrologic and human behavioral processes interact to control nitrogen=20=

exports from residential ecosystems and landscapes.  The work will=20
include coordinating a series of field measurements of biogeochemical=20
and hydrological processes and integrative analysis with scientists from=20=

other disciplines.  The position will be based at the CUNY Advanced=20
Science Research Center in Manhattan with regular travel to Baltimore=20
for field work and project coordination activities and will include=20
opportunities to develop independent lines of research within the=20
context of the project.  Apply at:=20=20

3) Urban ecosystem ecology in New York City.  This position would=20
involve participating in the development of several different projects=20=

focused on biophysical and social dynamics on nutrient cycling in New=20
York City including urban agriculture, urban forestry, costal=20
resilience, combined sewer overflows and regional-scale analyses.  The=20=

position will be based at the CUNY Advanced Science Research Center and=20=

will include opportunities to develop independent lines of research=20
within the context of the project.  Apply at:=20=20
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